Fellow GOP Candidate Unloads on White House and Defends Trump

5440002785_f802ecea99_oDonald Trump sure has taken lots of heat for his idea to ban Muslim immigration until safeguards are put into place.

It’s a common-sense approach given the San Bernardino shooting and rising ISIS tensions around the world.

It also makes sense considering we’re spending billions fighting a War on Terror.

Yet, while Trump’s proposal makes sense and is completely Constitutional (foreign non-citizens obviously have no United States Constitutional rights), the White House was quick to blast Trump’s position.

Josh Earnest suggested Trump’s common-sense, Constitutionally correct position, somehow disqualifies him to serve as President?

Enter fellow Republican Presidential candidate Rand Paul, whom Trump has criticized during the campaign.

Senator Paul wasted no time in defending Trump and blasting The White House’s position:

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul unleashed on the White House Wednesday after press secretary Josh Earnest suggested Republican front-runner Donald Trump disqualified himself from the 2016 horse race for suggesting the U.S. should temporarily block Muslims from entry.

“What he said is disqualifying. And any Republican who’s too fearful of the Republican base to admit it has no business serving as president either,” Earnest told reporters during a press briefing Tuesday.

Paul, whose own amendment to halt visa issuance to individuals seeking to come to the U.S. from 32 Muslim-majority countries failed 10-89 to pass the Senate last Thursday, decided to respond to Earnest’s claim on Twitter with a tirade demonstrating why, he believes, President Obama is “unqualified” for the Oval Office.

Rand Paul nails it in turning the tables.

It’s not Trump who should be disqualified from becoming President.

Senator Paul offers 10 solid reasons why Obama should have been thrown out of office.

Disqualify that Josh Earnest!



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