Following In Father’s Footsteps: Dominique Sharpton’s Shady Non-Profit


Who is the new crime family of New York?

It’s the Sharptons.

For years, Head of the Family, “Boss” Al Sharpton, has mastered the racism “shake down” of corporations, special interest groups, and individuals through his National Action Network.

This “front” has afforded Al Sharpton a famed, wealthy lifestyle.

Now, Sharpton’s globe-trotting, lawsuit-happy daughter, Dominique, has entered the family business with her very own ‘shady” non profit “front”. Here’s a blurb from the NY Post article reporting Dominique’s shadowy operation.

Dominique Sharpton runs little-known Education for a Better America, a tax -exempt advocacy group that operates largely as an appendage of her dad’s National Action Network and even shares the same address and phone number.

The existence of EBA is as suspect as the $5 million sprained-ankle negligence lawsuit Dominique filed against the city, National Review magazine said Friday.

The non-profit reported $195,500 in donations last year, with $113,449 spent on “training workshops.

So “training workshops” is the new term for beach vacations in Bali?

Isn’t it high time the IRS busts this shady crime family?

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