Trump Polls To Flatline If He Deports DREAMers

Barbara Boxer, the former senator of California just went on MSNBC sharing her insight on Trump’s threat to deport DACA recipients. She stated that if President Trump follows through with his plan and deports DREAMers, he will “go down below 30 percent, 25 percent in the polls.”

Boxer predicts, “85% of the people want it. It is the most ridiculous thing to start supporting young people who came here through no fault of their own, who are stellar. We’ve got 5 million jobs in this country that go without anybody filling them. We don’t want to kick out of this country hard-working, productive young people. It’s a sin to do it. It’s a sin. I don’t care what religion you follow.”

She continued, “I will tell you, the deal lies between the wall or border security, doesn’t have to be a wall and DACA. I think that’s clear. And I also think, my sources tell me, there are negotiations going on between Republicans and Democrats in the Senate. But I got to tell you this. As someone who lived and died by polls my whole life, every election, ‘Oh, my God, where am I,’ if he starts deporting these DREAMers, and these DREAMers are going to have the face, he’s going to go down below 30 percent, 25 percent in the polls.”

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