Former TV Anchor Admits He’s Completely Clueless about Racial Tensions

Tom_Brokaw_-_2015_National_Book_Festival_(2)If you’re looking for insights, common sense, and perspective on what’s happening today in America, you would think a highly-respected former TV anchor could shed a few insights.

After all, he’s reported the news for decades. He’s visited the towns and cities across the country. He’s interviewed the nation’s politicians.

Except there’s one problem.

The ex-TV talking head is clueless liberal Tom Brokaw.

Here’s what Brokaw said about the recent police shootings and racial tensions exploding across America:

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,”while discussing the strained racial divide in America as exposed by the recent police shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota and the killing of five officers in Dallas, former “Nightly News” anchor Tom Brokaw said thought the United States would be “a different country by now.”

Brokaw,”I grew up at the beginning  of the civil rights movement. I really thought we would be a different country by now. We have elected an Africa American president There is a lot of progress. But the hostility out there is really unsettling to me And it’s based on pigmentation People are making judgments based on the color of skin Bang like that.”

Yeah, Tom, you’re right.

All too many clueless voters elected a guy as President twice based on the color of his skin.

Bang, like that… eight years later, this is the mess he’s created.

Go take your afternoon nap, Tom.

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