Former U.N. Ambassador Blasts Obama’s Hiroshima Speech – It’s a Perfect Description of Obama

boltonRecently President Obama visited Japan and Hiroshima.

It was part of Obama’s world apology tour.

For some strange reason, Obama feels the need, as his final act as President, to tour the world and apologize for the United States.

He has no clue about the long-term damage this will cause.

Former U.N. Ambassador, John Bolton, perfectly summed up the essence of what’s wrong with Obama’s world apology tour:

“This is a typically subtle Obama speech in many respects, but, make no mistake, it is the next stage, maybe the last act, of his apology tour,” he added.

He noted that mainstream media coverage of Obama’s Hiroshima visit has missed the point that Obama “simply does not believe that the exercise of American power leads to a more peaceful world.”

“He listed, in this speech, several causes of war,” said Bolton. “One of them that he did not list was self-defense, which was why we were in World War II to begin with. I think when you look at what he said overall, it’s a criticism of the United States. Maybe he doesn’t use the phrase ‘I apologize,’ but it’s certainly a confession of error, in his view.”

“Mr. High-Minded Obama doesn’t say what he would have done differently than what Harry Truman did, faced with the choice Harry Truman was faced with,” Bolton pointed out. “This is just typical of Obama. He lives in an ideological world that has little or nothing to do with American reality.”

Here’s a President who has enforced a policy of ongoing drone strikes against innocent people in the Middle East questioning why Harry Truman dropped the bombs to end World War II?

Obama’s Hiroshima speech is a perfect example of how he has weakened the United States position as a world power.


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