Fox Rejects Super Bowl Border Wall Ad

If you believe those who spin the mill of rumors, Fox has undertaken a massive effort this year to make Super Bowl LI apolitical.

For example, Entertainment Tonight had a report, which was vehemently denied by the NFL, that the league told halftime performer Lady Gaga not to mention President-elect Trump during her show.

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  • Boyd Herrst

    FOX does it right ! Enjoy the game..
    That includes lady ga-ga not mentioning President Trump or dispaying an ad for the
    “Border wall”. Keep it Apolitical all the way!

  • Col C

    Lady ga ga, don’t make me ill, the entertainment industry is political, mostly libs, how is that not political?

  • The Redman

    Stupid white-folks already ruined america, they need 2 tear down their walls.

  • James Stevens

    Do you lock your doors before you go to bed or to work? Do you live in the Chicago Ghettos? Do you leave your keys in your car with the doors unlocked? Don’t be a Libtard. jwstx

  • James Prim

    the problem is not the “stupid white folks” but the lazy ignorant liberal lying democrats that have destroyed America, check your history and you will find this to be true, regardless of skin color it has more to do with the agenda that each tried to get us to follow, the democrats are pro-socialism and the republicans are pro-freedom.

    • Exotica6279

      95 % of all serial killers are white. Does this mean that I have to fear that a random white middle age man is gonna stab me? Laugh if you want but this is your logic inside another point of view. I don’t think white people are all serial killers, but you think al liberals are ignorant. If yours is true then so is my statement. I dare you to say it’s true.

    • Exotica6279

      What exactly is pro-socialism does that mean your anti social. Then why are you using social media to make you point. I’m asking a serious question? Please answer respectful like your talking to the person who gave birth to you. Insults mean nothing to me. Insult equates to “I don’t know” ” I don’t have an answer” or ” who’s this fucking geek” which I take as a compliment. Good day sir hope to hear from you soon.

      • Deborah G

        Ok blocking your rants now .