Gettysburg Tells Liberals “NO!!!”

The historic Gettysburg Military Park has resoundingly made it clear to liberals demanding the removal of all confederate statues that they will NOT destroy history.

Officials at the Gettysburg National Military Park said Wednesday that the monuments at the expansive Pennsylvania battlefield will stay despite unrest over Confederate memorials.

“These memorials, erected predominantly in the early and mid-20th Century, are an important part of the cultural landscape,” battlefield spokeswoman Katie Lawhon told the Hanover Evening Sun.

Gettysburg was the site of the bloodiest battle of the Civil War, from July 1-3, 1863.


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  • a marzani

    Stick to the policies,no on touches the history of Pa.

  • Herman Alsup

    If someone is offended by the statues in Gettysburg Military Park, then don’t go there. I’m offended by most movies today, so I don’t go to the movies. It is really very simple. Most of the people who are protesting these statues didn’t even know who the statues represented until they were told that they had to be destroyed and represented a racist.

    • Paula

      Agree. Not going somewhere that offends a liberal is called common sense… the money men behind this are spending billions to tear down, not only our American heritage, our President. Makes me sick to see the statues and monuments taken down. Someone asked the question, why now? Why wasn’t this happening when obama was planted in our White House? We know why, anything to discredit all whites and our President. Soros and his buddies are making it so hard for Trump to do anything. One obstacle on top of the other. They are tripping him up…putting words in his mouth, making up lies. They want him to quite so they can boast he is a quitter (like they did with Sarah Palin) and couldn’t do the job. I just wish he’d start arresting the big players…and I know they wouldn’t sit still for that. I’m sad that my President wasn’t give a chance, that the commie alt lefties are pulling this crap. But I’m worried too… remember? Never let a good crisis go to waste. Something bigger is brewing.

      • Rock Hill Guy

        Be patient. Trump will never quit. He is a tough New Yorker who has been battling real estate sharks all his life. A bucketful of leftist snowflakes may obstruct his agenda but will never force him to waiver on his efforts. He knows he has the moral high ground and that will sustain him and his growing base through some tough days ahead.

        • Lawrence Leon

          You hit the nail right on the head and I couldn’t agree with you more!

  • metheoldsarge

    The liberals should look at Gettysburg in a different light. It was the High Water Mark of the Confederacy and the Turning Point of the War. Gettysburg could be the monument to beginning of the end of the Confederate States of America. Up until then the South was winning that war. That is the battle where the southern slave owners got their royal butts kicked. What if Lee had won at Gettysburg and Grant had lost at Vicksburg? Something to think about.

    • old codger

      You’re asking a crowd THAT CAN’T THINK FOR THEMSELVES!!! If’n someone don’t tell them they remain TOTALLY, 100% ignorant!! LMAO!!
      Showing my age but how did Popeye say it?? “I’s had all’s I can stands and I can’t stands no more”!! I’m there!!! They want a Civil War part II, they’re are gonna get it if they keep their
      s h i t up!!!!!

      • dangkids

        I believe its ‘a brewing anyway…….

      • The Redman

        U should gone and lay down and go in 2 Hell. old musty-nuts. hahahhahahahahahh

    • The Redman

      What if yo mama was yo uncle, she/he would have nuts, huh. snake-mouth. hahahahahhahahaha

  • cpwill63

    Thank God someone is going to keep History in tact. Think it a shame on the Government that voted take down these status. History will not change at all the liberial have to change or go to another country. Look at history in other country no one is trying to change history but the dam left and the liberials a bunch lazy ass people. That have nothing in their to protest everything. They need to all be shot.

    • old codger

      See my post above!! This is an “EYE OPENER” and 100% true!!

    • old codger

      Thank you!! Enough is a F–KING Enough already!! If they’re pushing for Civil War part II they just may get it! I don’t want to see it BUT I’m NOT the asswipe(s) pushing for it!!

  • Charles

    What would be next? Arlington National Cemetery, when they get their, they better be prepared to die for their cause. A lot of well trained and well armed vets will be there to meet them.Me included.

    • old codger

      These assclowns are already going after George Washington and Thomas Jefferson because they owned slaves! “Enough is Enough”!!

      • Charles

        I just dropped a note to Redman. I had several great uncles die in the Civil War. Everyone of them were Union soldiers. So I don’t need some crackpot telling me IT DOESN’T MATTER. A LOT OF BLACK SOLDIERS DIED, ALSO. DON’T FORGET.

  • Phillip A. Taylor

    Phil Taylor If you can’t embrace American history, take your comi ass some where else.

  • The Redman

    Hey, stupid, hater white-folks. history belongs in books. hahahhahahahahaah

    • Charles

      No guarantee everyone is white. I’ll almost bet they are all veterans. I’ll also, bet your not a vet. If you are, sounds like you need to find a different country to reside in permanently.

      • The Redman

        And I”bet” dat U’re a typical white-folk. most all of U likes 2 rob others opinion. hahhahahahahaha. charliemae

        • Charles

          You seem to be avoiding our history. It is what it is!!! Your crackpots can not change it. You need to move on, if you can’t take the heat. There about to a lot of HEAT. Are you prepared, to die for your cause?? I’m willing to die stopping the fascist onslot.

          • The Redman

            white-folks like U, love 2 kill

        • dangkids

          School was free idiot. Learn proper English and you might be taken seriously.

          Dem dat and somes scrimps…..I be from de ghettos and I be speaks some ebonics…

          • The Redman

            U ah loser. did ya get dat part, snake-mouth. hahahahahhahahahahahah. U and yo maw.

    • dangkids

      Well then take all the black statues and history down too!! Also, it doesn’t belong in the Smithsonian Institute either. Name one black person who has done one thing great for this country, and I will quote 10 whites for you.
      Just because people don’t agree with you, doesn’t mean they are haters. Open your eyes and see who is causing all the destruction in these cities if something don’t go their way.
      See who wreaks havoc on neighborhoods. That is why white people move out, go there a year later and see what it looks like……..WHO IS COMMITTING BLACK ON BLACK CRIME??? HUH????

      • The Redman

        Stupid -white-folks

  • Charles

    Lliberals, not no, but hell NO!!!!

  • jdbixii

    As one who has three great-great ancestors who fought at the Battle of Gettysburg, I find the controversy over this subject to be ridiculous. People who don’t like America need to leave.

    • old codger

      Amen and I’ll raise you a Hallelujah!!

  • old codger

    To ALL the Demonic-RATZ/ LibTURDS/ SnowFlakes!!!!!!!!!!!!! I personally researched all the stated laws. They are 100% TRUE AND FACTUAL!! I never knew this BUT by Congressional DECREE, ALL civil war memorials be they Union or Confederate ARE U.S. Veterans!! By defiling a Confederate memorial you ARE IN FACT DEFILING ANY AND ALL VETERANS Living or dead!!! Enough is enough asswipes!!! Now you want to start attacking George Washington’s statues because he owned slaves!! F U C K YOU!! You assclowns are begging for another Civil WAR??? You just may get it!!

    Check out the link:
    Copied from DCSTATESMAN.Com:
    It reads in part:


    Confederate soldiers, sailors, and marines that fought in the civil
    war were made U.S. Veterans by an act of Congress in 1957, U.S. public
    law 85-425. Sec 410, approved 23 May 1958.”

    So no matter where you stand on the confederacy and the civil war,
    just remember that everyone who fought, on both sides, are considered
    American veterans. And disrespecting a civil war soldier on the
    confederacy is the same as attacking a World War II veteran, according
    to U.S. Law.

    It continues and clarifies further:

    “This made all Confederate Army, Navy, Marine Veterans
    equal to U.S. veterans. Additionally, under U.S. public law 810,
    approved by the 17th Congress on 26 Feb 1929, the war department was
    directed to erect headstones and recognize confederate grave sites as
    U.S. war grave sites.”

    The U.S. Congress did this as a way to end the hatred and division
    stemming from the Civil War. They didn’t want the animus that is clearly
    still visible today to perpetuate. Sadly, it appears their efforts were
    in vain.

    The meme ends with this solemn note:

    “Just for the record, the last Confederate veteran died in 1958. So, in
    essence, when you remove a confederate statue, monument or headstone,
    you are in fact removing a statue, monument, or headstone of a U.S.

    And that’s a lesson we all need to understand.

  • Charles

    Last time I check the stats black on black murder rate is 84%. so is killing who.

    • dangkids

      Let them do it………..

  • comanchewill

    I personally prefer the 1950s and 1960s America over today…..and I am a minority