Good Guys With Guns Show Up to Protect This Group of Elite Hypocrites

golden globesIt’s pretty easy to back gun control…

When you have Good Guys with guns protecting your back.

Who are the Good Guys with guns protecting?

Anti-gun Hollywood celebrities as they enter the Golden Globes awards:

The 73rd annual Golden Globe awards witnessed a new level of good guys with guns–handguns, tactical gear, and AR-15s with “high capacity” magazines–moving through the awards venue at the Beverly Hilton and guarding the parameter for a gaggle of anti-gun celebrities gathered inside.

Los Angeles Times photojournalist Allen Schaben tweeted begin tweeting about the heightened presence of good guys with guns around 2:30 p.m.

What’s more shocking?

The number of Good Guys armed with more fire power?

Or, all those smug liberal anti-gun Hollywood elites?

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