Google Reveals What Voters Really Want to Know About Hillary

hcWhere do you go today when you want a fast fact?

You “Google” it.

What was the number one most trending question about Hillary Clinton prior to the recent Democratic debate?

Two of the top three Google trend questions leading up to the debate pertained to Hillary’s alleged illegal conduct and the likelihood of an indictment, a fact that elicits an “oh jeez” from MSNBC’s anchor during the network’s pregame coverage. According to The Hill, these questions remained popular during the debate itself, too:

Some of the top trending questions on Google during Sunday’s Democratic presidential debate related to Hillary Clinton’s legal troubles.“Will Hillary Clinton get prosecuted?” is the top question being asked on Google searches concerning the Democratic front-runner during the debate, in Charleston, S.C. Two of the top five questions relating to Clinton implicitly concern the FBI investigation into the private email server she used as secretary of State. The other question is “what did Hillary Clinton do that is illegal?

The MSNBC anchor responds with an “oh jeez” when what’s on most people’s minds is if the leading candidate for the Democratic nomination will be indicted for felony charges of failure to protect national intelligence information?

Hey, how about some journalism here?

Rather than dismissing the potential charges against Hillary, why not ask her the tough questions?

Do your job.


The Voters.

Google it.


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