Guess What Obama’s Ex-Chief of Staff Is Up To In Chicago

16453279700_7a9d25ba32_bNever let a good crisis go to waste.

Some politicians never change.

Obama’s ex- Chief of Staff, now Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, sees and opportunity and wants to seize it:

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has his eyes set on the Old Main Post Office, and there’s a good chance he won’t be denied.

Emanuel’s administration announced Feb. 20 its plans to seize the historic riverfront property and solicit bids for redevelopment, according to DNAinfo.

While the U.S. Postal Service sold the building to investor Bill Davies in 2009, the 2.7 million-square-foot property has been left vacant since the mid-1990s. Since then, many ambitious plans for the building have come and gone. Most recently, Crain’s Chicago Business reported Davies was planning to finance redevelopment of office, residential and retail space in the massive building, which serves as the western gateway to the Loop.

The Fifth Amendment allows governments to seize private property for “public use” through a process called eminent domain. But Chicago city officials clearly have no interest in building a necessary road or government building. Instead, city government will be serving as a middle man – taking the property from Davies and transferring it to a developer it deems more suitable.

Forget the  Constitution.

Emanuel is mayor and he knows what’s best.

(And there’s a good chance he can reward the cronies who backed him and cash-in personally, too.)

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  • MCS

    Why anyone wants to have business dealings in Chicago, I do not know.

  • Bruce Kellar

    Chi Town is the armpit of BO

  • Rodney Steward

    You keep hoping that these POS’s get mugged by thugs and found dead some where!

  • patches64

    Maybe he’ll build a “community center” for the gangster disciples or vice lords?

    • gunnygil

      A training center and weapons distribution center for the illegal gangbangers occupying the whole of the barrio along 31st street.

  • gunnygil

    Like his predecessor’s wife who had the historic naval airfield’s runways on the lake plowed up in the dead of night and persons who had planes at the field had to dismantle and cart them out on trucks

  • wcgraybill

    Another gov. Ripoff by the cheating crooked politians. I wonder if rabbit ears our potus is involved, sounds like he could be as he is a lying crook.

  • frankfv8

    wow a mosk is that what they call it

    • douber1

      like they say the apple does not

      fall far from the tree leave it to obama and emanuel
      2 peas in a pod

      they dont care about the city
      they gave up on that city when emanue went there l

  • Fedup

    Maybe he will build the new home of the “Man Country Bath house” where he and his out of town visitors can meet and enjoy each others company?

  • JoAnn Leichliter

    Unfortunately, the Supreme Court seems to have legitimized this kind of action in the Kelo decision. States, however, can pass laws that forbid it, as the Court specifically stated.
    What has been done in your state?

  • Junior1950

    Rahm Emanuel, like his former boss, Barak HUSSEIN Obama, cannot be trusted!! Both men are liars supreme, and have further corrupted both the City Government of Chicago, and our United States Federal Govenment!!

  • Donald C Coe

    Even using Eminent Domain, aren’t they supposed to reimburse the owner of the property fair “Market Value?”

    • ipsd48

      Sure. But FIRST they condemn it THEN give ‘fair market value’ for a CONDEMNED building

  • The Fox

    The mayor of Chicago was a Obozo butt buddy, and his rule in Chicago is proof of that.

  • Anton

    It’s Chicago, do you realize how many of their mayors and elected officials are in jail or prison? Look it up, they put more politicians in prison than any other city…
    Plus they let dead people vote in Chicago..

    • Zen999the .

      Yep, Emanuel probably got 120% of the black vote too.

    • used_to_be_a_liberal

      well the dead have rights too, besides you know the democrat slogan, be sure to vote, and vote often.

  • HardingDies

    This is exactly what happened with NEW LONDON vs KELO, except it was to increase the city’s tax base – and nothing ever happened but the homeowners walked away with 40% of their property value. The property is still fallow. And the SOTUS said it was legal.

  • David Islay

    We need to clarify the “eminent domain” violation of civil liberties. When something like this is used to allow a non-public purpose it is a violation of Constitutionally protected rights!!

  • Patrick

    they we probably paid to stir up the crowd.,a Chicago liberal ploy ,Illinois a state that has be run into the ground ,that a shame

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez

    Keep in mind this started with the Kelo v New London Decision which allowed the city to seize home to give the proper to a Big Pharma company to develop. Sadly, the drug company pulled up stakes and never developed the property.

  • Rex Tyrano

    If you live in or invest in Shitcago you deserve whatever happens to you.

  • 2 parrots and a dog

    The government is worse than the Mafia.

  • paulrod

    So, what else is new? Dude, you’re talking about CHICAGO! They’ve been ruled by criminal scum for years, they’ve got a murder rate equivalent to some European wars, it’s the home of Barack Obama, (now THAT should tell you something!) and you’re worried about a little minor corruption? Son, you’re looking at the BIG LEAGUES, they could teach a thing or two to any banana-republic dictator, and he’d pay tuition for the privilege. Hell, you’ll notice that even the UFOs don’t go to Chicago. Turns out there’s intelligent life out there after all……

  • Jo

    Possibly Obama’s future Museum.

    • YellowSoul

      You mean toilet!

  • The Redhawk

    I guess that Rahm the TURD is NOT drinking LED POLLUTED WATER IN CHICAGO……may be he can do a JAIL STINT like BLAGO …sooner or later it seems to be the Final resting vacation for CHI and ILL political PIGS…………..SO go RAHM.. keep at it and sooner or later you can have rest

  • J. Ernst

    Eminent Domain took a FRONT seat during Mayor Koch of NYC’s “Revitalization Programs”…the BIG CITY precedent was cast in the courts and developers JUMPED ON.
    CHI-Town, like NYC beats the “people land owners” every time!
    MAKE NO MISTAKE…ROM won’t do the dastardly deed…one of HIS family or “foundations boards” will “take care” of the “situation.”