Guess Which Hollywood Legend Questions Obama’s Actions on Race, Iran, and Israel

38473617_s“Chickens coming home to roost?”

Obama deftly ducked the tie with his 20 year relationship with Reverend Wright to secure the 2008 election. His action to distance himself from Wright set the stage for how Obama would address foreign policy and race relations during his Presidency.

He held the infamous (and awkward) Rose Garden “Beer Summit” between Harvard Professor Henry Lois Gates and Cambridge Police Sargent James Crowley. An olive branch to soothe race tensions, or setting the stage to insert White House influence in future events?

He sent Eric Holder and Al Sharpton to ease the tensions and find the truth in Ferguson.

In the latest white cop against black citizen event in Baltimore, his new warrior for racial equality, recently confirmed Attorney General Loretta Lynn will make sure justice is served.

One Hollywood legend has serious questions about Obama’s motives regarding Iran, Israel, and race.

Jon Voight issued a recent call to arms in support of Israel and questions nuclear talks with Iran.

On the home front, here’s the question Voight has about Obama’s actions:

What do YOU say?

Is Obama setting the stage for a civil war here in America?

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