Guess Which Hollywood Legend Questions Obama’s Actions on Race, Iran, and Israel

38473617_s“Chickens coming home to roost?”

Obama deftly ducked the tie with his 20 year relationship with Reverend Wright to secure the 2008 election. His action to distance himself from Wright set the stage for how Obama would address foreign policy and race relations during his Presidency.

He held the infamous (and awkward) Rose Garden “Beer Summit” between Harvard Professor Henry Lois Gates and Cambridge Police Sargent James Crowley. An olive branch to soothe race tensions, or setting the stage to insert White House influence in future events?

He sent Eric Holder and Al Sharpton to ease the tensions and find the truth in Ferguson.

In the latest white cop against black citizen event in Baltimore, his new warrior for racial equality, recently confirmed Attorney General Loretta Lynn will make sure justice is served.

One Hollywood legend has serious questions about Obama’s motives regarding Iran, Israel, and race.

Jon Voight issued a recent call to arms in support of Israel and questions nuclear talks with Iran.

On the home front, here’s the question Voight has about Obama’s actions:

What do YOU say?

Is Obama setting the stage for a civil war here in America?

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  • Jesustheonlyway

    Yep! Obama wants peoples guns and what better way to take them – start a civil war – declare martial law – then collect all the guns. Obama is an evil monster.

    • carla AMERICAN

      He’s trying with his new black panther party ,arming them and voicing death to whites and police and marching with iranians. Those will be the back stabbers. When it’s all over they’ll say they had no part in it. America is also providing for illegal aliens with the trillions that were borrowed. Kenya Africa recieved $800 million after we gave them billions at the first of the year,we built medical facilities when they had both the aids and Ebola epidemics (and keep having). If Africa is eliminated all our problems will be solved ( look at what’s there).

  • Horatius at the Bridge

    Of course he is trying to foment a race war. His actions basically will ultimately require a race war. His apparent purpose, based on his actions, is to destroy the US of A – leaving behind a smoldering third world cess pool. His actions and the actions of the damnocraps in general remind me of the cliche “how much further can we push them now?”

  • Byron Hall

    YOU BET HE IS! It’s the only way for him to fulfill his destiny as the CZAR of OBAMICA! Martial Law will do that for a country…..Are we going to let him do it or are we going to fight?


    Yes he absolutely is.

  • MajorMajor411

    This president has been successful on nearly every front to destroying America. His promise was to ‘fundamentally change America’. He never lied, but sold those who believed him a bill of false promises. There are many who voted for him, because of the lies, but since have seen through the deceptions. Our elected officials in D.C. who have unwillingly done anything to reel in this traitor are too afraid of impeaching him (per one congressman’s comment to me) because it would make Obama a martyr. I say Balderdash….that’s the dumbest thing ever. He NEEDS to be impeached, and has pushed all envelopes because he knows Congress is scared to do anything such as impeachment. So, the next president (not Bernie or Hillary…they’re of the same cloth as Obama – SOCIALISTIC / COMMUNISTIC IDEOLOGY) will have so many fires to put out, all because of a traitorous dictator currently holding title as President Of The United States (POTUS).

  • suz

    I think he is but I also have heard and seen many black people really taking a look at how well off they are now under Obama / Democrats rule. Most now are backing Trump

    • Robert

      Do you really believe what you posted or are you a Dimwit?

  • Dan

    He has a never ending hatred for white people. His objection is to eradicate them like Christina in the Middle East.
    I just read that he invites Rick Ross, who has the song/video “kill Donald Trump” to the White House.
    Where’s a good Lee Harvey Oswald when we need one?