Hannity Slams Shepard Smith

Fox New’s biggest libtard, Shepard Smith, recently had a massive anti-Trump hissy fit.

Even though Smith is a reporter, not a commentator, he still injects his personal politics into everything.

This was pretty much the final straw for Hannity.

He recently called out Smith for his tirade and being so abhorrently “anti-Trump.”

From Free Beacon

Hannity seemed to refer to a segment in which Smith accused the Trump administration of lying, CNN reports.

Smith is a news anchor while Hannity is a commentator, but Hannity said that Smith nevertheless shows some bias.

“I like Shep,” Hannity said. “But he’s so anti-Trump. I mean, he went off on a rant last week.”

Smith’s so-called rant involved saying that the Trump administration has a track record of dishonesty.

The clip received plenty of attention, with CNN even saying it “went viral” online.

“They tell us there’s nothing to this,” Smith said with growing incredulity.

“Nothing came of it, it’s a nothing burger, it wasn’t even memorable, didn’t write it down, didn’t tell you about it because it wasn’t anything and I didn’t even remember it.”

“Why all these lies?” he asked. “Why is it lie after lie after lie?”

“There are still some people out there who believe we are making it up,” he added.

Smith’s comments were contradicting Hannity’s regular argument, which is that the “destroy Trump media” is trumping up the Russia scandal.

Hannity said he did not hold it against Smith personally, who he calls a friend.


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source: http://truthfeed.com/hannity-slams-shepard-smith-over-his-anti-trump-hissy-fit/92781/

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  • Dwight Sorrell

    He and that other “flamer”, Anderson Cooper should go back to the closet

    • Apolloone

      Yeah I wish those two would get married to one another and leave town forever.

  • I care

    Smith needs to go to CNN. I hate this wit to be girl man

    • Apolloone

      I cannot watch that Jerk, that over-paid, eye-rolling, biased so-called news reporter, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn someday, that he stroked out or had a massive heart attack while ranting about the POTUS and those of us who support him, can you imagine this butt head’s reaction if others calling themselves news reporters had acted this way toward Obama? He’s probably an honorary member of one of George Soros’ organizations: [QUAT] Queers United Against Trump.