Here’s a Surprising Source of Support for Tim Tebow’s Christian Faith

tebowTim Tebow said “No”.

And he means it.

Here’s the thing…

Tebow is a Heisman winning, famous quarterback.

He’s also a devout Christian who lives his faith.

He’s rich, famous, athletic, handsome…

And a 28-year-old virgin.

Recently, the woman Tebow was allegedly dating, Miss Universe, Olivia Culpo, supposedly kicked Tebow to the curb because he refused to have sex.

The liberal media and social media mocked Tebow for his celibacy commitment.

But one guy, a rock star who claims to have bedded thousands of women, defended Tebow:

Rock Impresario Gene Simmons of KISS just came to Tebow’s defense. Gene Simmons is notorious for his rock star ways, which need no mention here.

The hypocrisy in America is strong. Tim Tebow is a gifted athlete who happens to profess Christ, and to the liberal media, this is enough cause to jump all over him. Simmons points it out perfectly here.

“Here’s a man who believes in God and people pick on him. If he was a Jew, or a Muslim and you did that — people would never dare. But for some reason if he’s a Christian, you’re allowed to pick on him.”

Who would have thought it possible?

A 28-year-old superstar virgin and an aging rock star perfectly reveal the hypocrisy of the War on Christianity.


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