Here’s One More Thing Communicated Via Hillary’s Email Server – Is This the Absolute Worst of Her Crimes?

hedge-fundWhat if Hillary communicated classified information on her private server that involved insider trading and economic market influence on a global scale?

What if she traded insider information and influence to protect a family member from losing millions of dollars in an ill-conceived hedge fund?

Well, newly released emails between Hillary Clinton and Clinton Foundation confidant, Sidney Blumenthal seem to indicate Hillary’s involvement in using classified information to influence the Greek market melt down and protect her son-in-law’s hedge fund:


Clinton stepped down as secretary of state in 2013 to run for president. But newly released emails from 2012 show that she and Clinton Foundation consultant, Sidney Blumenthal, shared classified information about how German leadership viewed the prospects for a Greek bailout. Clinton also shared “protected” State Department information about Greek bonds with her husband at the same time that her son-in-law aimed his hedge fund at Greece.

That America’s top diplomat kept a sharp eye on intelligence assessing the chances of a bailout of the Greek central bank is not a problem. However, sharing such sensitive information with friends and family would have been highly improper. Federal regulations prohibit the use of nonpublic information to further private interests or the interests of others. The mere perception of a conflict of interest is unacceptable.

Through its press representative, Eaglevale declined to comment for this story. Clinton’s campaign press office did not respond to a request for comment.

The same month that Eaglevale incorporated its offshore arm, Gary Gensler, the head of the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission, which polices hedge funds, emailed Clinton that a bailout by the European Central Bank could “turn market sentiment” in favor of Greek bonds.

Gensler had previously worked as co-head of finance at Goldman Sachs; he is now the financial director of Clinton’s election campaign. Goldman Sachs has donated up to $5 million to the Clinton Foundation and $860,000 to Hillary Clinton’s political campaigns. Shortly after Clinton resigned, Goldman Sachs paid her $675,000 in speaking fees.

Clinton’s deputy in charge of economic policy was Robert Hormats, a former vice chairman of Goldman Sachs. Hormats and Clinton shared an extensive email trail about the possibility of bailing out Greece, including classified materials, and internal state department memos about the debt from the U.S. ambassador to Greece.

This one email exchange points to one huge conflict of interest, sharing classified information, insider trading, and crony capitalism to protect her donors and a family member.

It’s like the Power Ball Winning Lottery ticket of political corruption.

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  • CaptTurbo

    Her Thighness, the Duchess of Chaffington, Queen of the Black Lie is filthy. Hillary for Prison 2016!

  • Howleyesque

    Trump NEEDS to start5 DEMANDING that the old bat produce those speech transcripts!

    • BJM2

      But he doesn’t have to produce his tax returns which will show how he made money by destroying companies and putting all those people out of work? How he lies about wanting to make America great again while he sends all his business to other countries? How he thinks it is terrible that she voted for the Iraq war following Republican Bush’s blatant lies to us, but Pence, who also voted for the war, is fine because that was long ago and doesn’t matter? Double standards for him now will not change if he is elected president. He will continue to make decisions that give him what he wants and you and I will be hung out to dry. The Democratic party needs to stop being politically correct and start calling him and all Republicans on all the BLATANT LIES they tell about every Democrat, and you all believe it because it feeds your biases.

      • Howleyesque

        Go ASK ANY ATTORNEY IF THEY WOULD ADVISE ANY CLIENT BEING AUDITED (can you say OFFICIAL ABUSE OF POWER ALA LOIS LERNER?) TOO release their tax documents… the answer will be.. NO! WHERE are those speech transcripts? WHAT EXACTLY did that old bat promise those bankers when she SOLD US OUT?
        Oh and the utter hypocrisy of the blatant corruption we have just witnessed on July 5th and your contention of a “double standard” would be hilarious if you weren’t so God awfully stupid that you fail to see it!

      • Bob Taylor

        Do you truly think H. Clinton has not done anything illegal? I mean truly deep down you think she is not guilty of any wrong doing?

      • ironbiker


      • Tomahawk

        Our biases? You’re defending Hillary Clinton. It doesn’t get any more biased than that. Or idiotic, either.

  • Rodger K. Shull

    she an her family an close friends ARE DIRTY SCUM BAGGERS, DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS , BOTTOM FEEDER POND SCUM. hang her out to dry in a lonely cold in winter an hot as hell in summer prison, off the easy coast of cuba

  • 1937shirley

    She’s incredible all right. No one tells the whoppers like her. Is there anything that she won’t lie about? Let’s hope voters wake up to her criminal activities while there still s time for the U.S. to recover from the Obama and Clinton fiasco. She belongs in prison.

  • “What difference, at this point, does it make?” We all know full well that she will NOT face prosecution for any thing she does or has done. She, her sleazy husband, her daughter and the Obama clan are far, far above the law.

    • used_to_be_a_liberal

      not for much longer

  • rick

    LOL, at least this case has easy precedence to follow … ask Martha Stewart!

    Hillary could be the first prez to ACTUALLY be under house-arrest in the White House.

    On the bright side, the ankle bracelet will be easy to conceal under the ever present pantsuits.

  • BJM2

    You all have to get over yourself. She has done nothing that almost every politician has done, especially Republicans!!! What she hasn’t done is use the absolutely disgusting name-calling that all of you use. If someone called you those names, would you be able to maintain your dignity as she has? I doubt it. I know my children would have been severely punished for using those names, even if toward someone I did not care about. You have all made me ashamed to be an American. When I interact with people from other countries, I let them know that, like them, I have respect for my sitting president and a presidential hopeful who has the respect of most of the free world.

    I fear for our country if Trump is elected, but I STILL DO NOT USE INSULTING NAMES FOR HIM!!!!!! I could, as he has so many faults, LYING and DISRESPECT for anyone who doesn’t think he is God’s gift to the world, being two of his biggest faults. And I am NOT using insulting names for all of you either, just expressing my opinion and fear at your inability to see the truth instead of the GROSS LIES told by Republicans!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If Trump gets elected, we will be reenacting Hitler’s Germany, but hopefully not with the same results – which would bring WWIII to our soil.

    • TheEye

      And you are one of the stupidest people ever to post a political comment with nothing other than straw men violators.

    • Bob Taylor

      OK by your analogy I can go rob a bank and it is not going to hurt me or the bank because other people have done it. Just because others may have done something illegal does not make it legal for others to do so. Just like Nixon he did nothing that other presidents have not done (help cover up a crime) but he got caught and paid the price. Clinton helped with insider trading and got caught. She should pay the price just like Ms. Stewart. Or do you think she should get a free pass because her name is Clinton?

      • Kitty

        Don’t waste your time trying to talk sense to this left wing Hillary paid troll.

        • Bob Taylor

          Kitty, thanks for the heads up.

    • Dan

      Can you give me some specifics on how a Trump government is going to impact your life? Are you better off today than you were 8 years ago? What will a Clinton government do for you? Do you pay for your own health insurance? Have you used it? How’s the deductible working out? Hillary Clinton is a risk to the nation and the world and that is a fact!

    • Dr. W. Link

      after 8 years of Hillary, she will be in the same league as Adolf and we will have no guns or a constitution to stop her. The only difference will not be the brown shirts and gistapo but the rainbow shirts and blue helmets. I had relatives in Germany who we invited to take a “special” shower at Aushwitch and I will fight to the death before I take one of Hillarys rainbow showers. By the way, Trump ran his business legally but I do not think we can say that about our x-secretary of state, WHILE IN OFFICE!!!
      By the way, we should that the weak, spineless closet muslum who spit on the graves of our brave wwII men and women who gave their lives when you went over to japan, On Memorial day to honor an enemy who took so many allied lives. I am sure Mohammad will forgive you because the God of our fathers may have a different opinion. Hey Mr. Obama, you want to see real suffering, go to your nearest VA hospital and see what your continual de funding of our military has done. I was a Clinical Neuropsychologist who came out of retirement to help a,twice decorated, Vietnam veteran chaplin. who was misdiagnosed by the VA (not their fault they are so understaffed)and waited 3 months to finally confirm my correct diagnosis and he died 5 days later. Mr. president, his death is on your hands not the VA. Just keep taking money from our worthy citizens and give it to the illegals and help more terrorists openly come right into our nation.
      By the Way to you bleeding heart, fiscal and family destroying leftist liberals, I was once one of you. Thank God years of logical reasoning saved me from your trap bent on killing this once great nation. I do not Want Trump but We need Trump who can turn us back around to be one strong nation,united as one again.

    • ironbiker

      HEAD in sphincter!!

      • Tomahawk

        It’s rumored that oxygen deprivation does have a certain set of effects on one’s ability to execute rational thought processes. Apparently it’s true. LOL

  • Bob Taylor

    Martha Stewart should start a discrimination law suit against the people that convicted her for doing essentially the same thing, profiting from insider trading.

    • Stephen Korup

      Bob , Martha stewart went to jail for lying to the FBI , not for insider trading .

      • Bob Taylor

        I thought she was being investigated for the insider part and in the process lied. It has been a while since that happened and memory is no longer a strong suit. It seems that after 75 the down hill memory slide (not to mention all the other things) gets much faster. Thanks for the heads up.

        • Stephen Korup

          Bob at 75 my friend You’re still a Young man , Don’t Count yourself out yet Your generation is Still a cherished Resource .
          I’m sure you have done and Seen things that I would Love To have done and seen , and I;m only 22 years Your junior.

  • mizo

    Will TRUMP use this or be like McCain and Romney and keep it quiet?

  • Karole Conaway

    The bitch needs to be scratched from the ballot and placed in a very secure prison cell with NO communication with the outside world!

  • ConservativeMe

    NOPE , MURDER is the worst of her crimes , give it time and ALL her crimes will be uncovered.