Obama Won’t Say a Word about What This Muslim Did to an Israeli Christian

machetePresident Obama stood before the nation, fighting back tears, and calling for increased gun control in the aftermath of the San Bernardino shootings committed by a radicalized Muslim couple.

Will Obama have anything to say about this recent Muslim attack in an Ohio restaurant?

Police have shot and killed a man who allegedly attacked patrons of a Columbus, Ohio, restaurant Thursday night, wounding several people. One of the victims is in critical condition, according to reports.

The suspected attacker is a Somali national named Mohammad Barry, CBS reports. There are also reports that Barry was on a terrorist watchlist.

“Law enforcement is concerned that this incident has the hallmarks of the type of so-called “lone wolf” terrorist attack that they have been working to stop,” the report reads.

The suspect entered the restaurant earlier in the day and asked for the owner. He was then told the owner was not at the restaurant, and he left the building, WBNS-10TV reports.

Thirty minutes later, allegedly armed with a machete, the now-deceased suspect entered the Nazareth Restaurant and Deli at 6:30PM local time, witnesses say.

The owner of the restaurant is an Israeli Christian who formerly lived in Nazareth, Israel, according to reports.

Dear President Obama, it’s not the guns.

It’s not the machete.

It’s radical Muslims attacking innocent Christians and fellow Americans.

Before you leave The White House, will you face and speak the truth?

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  • Phil Esposito

    This blood can all be laid at the foot of that stinkin’ muslim Obama.

    • suz

      The Democrat Party and all those that keep voting them in

      • The Redhawk

        BULLS EYE…!!!!!

    • The Redhawk

      you mean the iMAM Barry of the White Mosques don’t you???

    • The Redhawk


  • Lucky3511

    He would invite them for a beer.

    • The Redhawk

      and a VISIT wit MOOC -elle for PORK BBQ

  • Howleyesque

    The same Muslim trash who intends to have DHS scrub the records of the Syrians he plans to bring here by the thousands while doing his best to disarm US citizens?

    • Wmichaelmic

      There aren’t any records to scrub Howley. They just don’t exist, yet he plans to bring them here to do his bidding which is kill Americans (white Americans).

      • Howleyesque

        Oh but there ARE! Records of their associations with known terrorist groups and other intel (possibly some of it what Swillary allowed every enemy government every opportunity to hack into.)

  • The Redhawk

    That TERRORIST might have been one of his SONS that went missing…. IF we listen to him whenever there are this type of MURDERS , ;’ WE NEED GUN CONTROL” or “HE COULD HAVE BEEN MY SON”’ WORDS BY THE DOUCHE in the White Mosque

    • sherri palmer

      I agree, he is a terrorist in our WH…But not for long! I truly pray that Trump will prosecute him for crimes against America…and that is treason and we all know what one gets for a conviction of treason….Boom! I loved what Trump said he would do to muslims…dip the bullets in pig blood and Boom!

      • The Redhawk

        There is a recent article by Bill Bennett about this distinct Possibility and what kind of Consequences Trump might GET from both the Clinton and OBHOINKER KK K 47 troops…Think “Foster”

        • vahillbilly

          Conservative commentator William J. Bennett has an “interesting take on trump” and speculates, “They would kill him before they let him be president.”
          The Truth:
          Bill Bennett isn’t behind the “Interesting Take on Trump” assassination theory.
          An essay titled “Interesting Take on Trump” was first posted in a political forum hosted by the website One Political Plaza on November 14, 2015. The person who posted it said they’d received it via email. From there, the “Interesting Take on Trump” essay was posted on other message boards and quickly went viral.

          • The Redhawk

            YES that is the one….It brings some interesting points to consider….On the Other hand will SHILLERY ever go to Prison???

          • vahillbilly

            The points are interesting but not written by Bill Bennett, all the fact checking sites say it is NOT true, sorry.

          • The Redhawk

            and those sites were??? Not tat I usually subscribe to all and any theories but this one seems to be too close to a possible Reality via the Characters involved…

  • apzzyk

    Well, we now have it settled – the Uber driver was not a terrorist, and neither was the SSgt who shot and killed his wife and the responding officer because they were law abiding gun owners. Only a terrorist would use a knife-like weapon, which the former law abiding citizens would actually kill and not just wound their targets. If we had gun registration the terrorist list would remain the same, but we would then know who the law abiding citizens were. Great writing about the difference.

    • Bernie

      What the hell are you talking about?
      I thought I was pretty good at English.

      • independent thinker

        He has no idea. He just takes every chance he gets to post anti-gun drivel.

        • kbfallon

          It appears by his picture that he may have had a couple too many down at Gaffneys Pub…..

          • independent thinker


      • apzzyk

        On one hand we had an Uber driver who went nuts and shot and killed 6 people with no mention of his religion, and on the other we had a Somali (Black and from origin probably Muslim) do something of the same nature, only with a knife, and the author concluded that he was a terrorist although there were no deaths. If two people do the same thing – attack innocent people who they did not seem to know, would it be fair to call them the same thing. Woult ‘terrorist’ seem to cover both?

  • Mile38

    How wonderful would it be to see obaaaama in prison where he belongs.

    • Lizfan

      & Hillary right beside him.

  • Dynamicdave

    Try that crap if I was in that shop. Bring a machete to a gunfight.

    • beverlysue

      🙂 damn straight!

      • Dynamicdave

        Of course, you will have trolls like Niko, telling you that he wasn’t a radical Muslim. I saw it 1st hand in Irag.He speaks from books he read. I speak from experience. Idiots like Niko, STILL want to bring in refugees, even though we can’t locate a bunch of them that Obama and the other liberal jerkoffs allowed in the USA. They (the radical Muslims) sneak in with the rest, posing as victims of the Middle Eastern abuse, etc.) But Niko is ignorant of the truth. What is happening in France, Germany AND the USA (San Bernardino) is forgotten by his limited brain. Like all liberals, he is in denial. Maybe when ISIS strikes in his neighborhood, kills one of his loved ones, lets see how he feels about Muslims then? Liberals are nothing more than hypocrites. They are out of touch with the evidence that is right in front of then. So, in response, he trills a conservative site. He is a Muslim sympathizer.

  • cherokeeman

    Obama needs his head cut off by a terrorist. And mounted on a fence.

  • solog

    He wants to take guns away because they are killing people, but what about the people who are related to Islam or the terrorist. I guess, we are good to go to keep letting terrorist into the country even though they have identified as terrorist….nice, Mr. President, that is all you!

    • eagle keeper

      So this friggin idiot would rather be disarmed and fall victim to a machete attacker? I would rather pull the trigger until the scum is dead. I don’t know, am I weird?

  • J. Ernst

    I doubt anyone on this site would give two hoots regarding what happens outside their neighborhood. All the places that reap the “rewards” for their lib-wit ideals only opens their neighborhoods to be more vulnerable to mayhem.
    Frankly, I have always been vigilant as to where I am, what’s in and around my “zone” and what weapons are available. Tables, lamps, CHAIRS etc…give U.S. a break when it comes to “peaceful” lib-wits being trounced upon for their foolishness…in their neighborhoods. The wicked will ALWAYS look to the weak to ply their “trade”…
    I taught my children and grandchildren that the “world” is a wonderful place! BUT, the people in it MAY WANT to do you harm. Be wise and be wary.

  • Chuck

    Obama is an agent of Chaos. He will only acknowledge the existence of hate crimes by misdirecting and lying and will covertly seek to encourage and even support the perpetrators

  • Mynickelsworth

    sherri palmer, I fear that Trump, if he becomes president, will not be much better than the present one. He has admitted that he is a Socialist just like Sanders, the Dem. Candidate. He has said other things that make it even worse but I will not repeat them here.
    He is an egotistical Narcissist, the same as experts have labeled our present occupant of the White House. He is not a Constitutionalist, I suspect he has never even read it and understood what he was reading if he did.
    The nation will never make it IF it does not live under strict interpretation of the Constitution as interpreted by those who wrote it and IF the majority of the citizens do not return to living by God’s Moral Laws. One of our founders said our form of government would not work without the latter.
    Trump is NOT the best choice to accomplish this so be careful how you vote.

    • Kim Holbrook

      …..Mynickelsworth……your nickelsworth isn’t worth a damn thing….bold face untruth and misinformation that you spread should be a criminal offense.. Your emotional hatred needs the lies and misinformation that you get fed and lap up to justify your reasoning…. you need to watch this… sit down, shutup and open your freakin mind. Start using your head for something other than a lemmings hat rack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pr2SLCnJWBw&list=TL8SGlD17tfMUwOTA0MjAxNg

  • Niko

    Why do all these articles always state it was a radical muslime. Get with the program ,islam is islam,muslimes are muslimes ,there is no such thing as a radical,moderate or peacful muslime!!!!!! THE END.

    • Dynamicdave

      Yeah, and then you woke up.

      • Niko

        It’s been awhile Dynamicdave. I hope all is well with you. “Awake, awake the Earth will run red with the blood of the sleeping and fake”.

    • eagle keeper

      The only good muslim is one that is no longer breathing.

      • Niko

        You are damn right about that “death to pisslam/pigslam”

  • Bob101st

    Obama will never speak the truth. His only concern in lone wolf attacks and other shootings is to do his best to take our guns and make us live at the mercy of whoever is in power. The 2nd Amendment is all about self protection from a tyrant. Obama knows the shootings are all about the people doing the shooting; but that doesn’t fir his agenda. Wake up America!!!! Vote Obama and his cronies out of office. And by the way, my comments have nothing to do with race or Islamophobia. Facts are facts. I have never seen a gun of any sort wake up, have breakfast and then decide to go shoot someone. It’s the idiots and radicals, not the guns. Have a nice day.

    • AttMore

      SPOT ON!!!!!!!!!………God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • American

    I am sure Obama got a laugh out of it, he let these parasites in our country to murder Americans and take it over.

  • eagle keeper

    So see boys and girls what happens to an idiot brain dead muslim that brings a knife to a gunfight? It doesn’t end well for him. All the more reason to get qualified at a gun range and apply for your CCW license. You can’t wait until the popo get there. It is usually all over and the yellow tape is up. The bodies are chalked outlined and bodies are placed in body bags. So be armed and be on the winning side, those still breathing.

  • Stan Joy

    The truth, will he ever tell the truth??? He has lied for over seven years, even re-elected, even though they all knew he was the biggest liar to ever sit in the White House. Again, he got misty eyed when he talked about the San Bernardino shooting, were those tears for the people who were killed or for the Muslim killed??? Where were the tears for the people who were attacked at that resaurant in Ohio by a Somali terrorist who was on a terrorist watch list???? God Bless

    • Dynamicdave

      The blacks voted for him simply because he is black. Plus, the Democrats had illegals voting, as well. He cheated his way into the White House.

  • Wmichaelmic

    What good is it to have a terrorist watch list if we don’t watch them or deport them so this kind of crap doesn’t happen?

    • NotJim

      It’s just a spectator sport.

  • Drake Travis

    he thinks he is playing smart politics by remaining silent. His silence reveals his approval of the attack upon Christians.

  • independent thinker

    “Before you leave The White House, will you face and speak the truth?”
    Short answer no.

  • jerry young

    of course obama wont say anything, if he does it will be to push for more refugee immigration, obama condones and praises violence against Americans!

  • 4wheelNeal

    Obama is a traitor to the United States, and should be impeached.

  • mac12sam12

    He’ll blame guns, global warming, the NRA and a lack of jobs and then bring up the Crusades.