High-Profile Democrat Endorses Trump, Not Hillary

webbWhile the Bush family, Lindsey Graham, Mitt Romney and the usual cast of RINOs refuse to support Trump, one former Democrat candidate for President supports Trump over Hillary.

Recently, former Senator Jim Webb voiced his support of Donald Trump:

On Morning Joe this week, Democratic legend Jim Webb said he’d vote for Trump before he would vote for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

A military veteran and former Senator himself, Webb likely could not overlook the decision by Hillary Clinton to ignore the repeated calls for extra security by Ambassador Stevens in Libya weeks before the fatal attack on the consulate in Benghazi.

Hillary admitted error in the attack during investigation proceedings led by Senator Rand Paul and Trey Gowdy, but brushes off calls to be held accountable or step down, citing that security analysts were to blame for the failure of security.

Jim Webb is certainly not the first Democrat to endorse Trump; reportedly hundreds of thousands of blue collar democrats poll in favor of the Donald. But he is certainly the highest profile Democratic pol to come out with an endorsement of Trump over Hillary.

As Trump has demonstrated during his run to win the GOP nomination, he is upsetting the establishment political rules.

Regardless of whether or not you support Trump, or he even wins the Presidency, he is revealing the real truth of those who serve us in Washington.

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