High-Profile Democrat Endorses Trump, Not Hillary

webbWhile the Bush family, Lindsey Graham, Mitt Romney and the usual cast of RINOs refuse to support Trump, one former Democrat candidate for President supports Trump over Hillary.

Recently, former Senator Jim Webb voiced his support of Donald Trump:

On Morning Joe this week, Democratic legend Jim Webb said he’d vote for Trump before he would vote for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

A military veteran and former Senator himself, Webb likely could not overlook the decision by Hillary Clinton to ignore the repeated calls for extra security by Ambassador Stevens in Libya weeks before the fatal attack on the consulate in Benghazi.

Hillary admitted error in the attack during investigation proceedings led by Senator Rand Paul and Trey Gowdy, but brushes off calls to be held accountable or step down, citing that security analysts were to blame for the failure of security.

Jim Webb is certainly not the first Democrat to endorse Trump; reportedly hundreds of thousands of blue collar democrats poll in favor of the Donald. But he is certainly the highest profile Democratic pol to come out with an endorsement of Trump over Hillary.

As Trump has demonstrated during his run to win the GOP nomination, he is upsetting the establishment political rules.

Regardless of whether or not you support Trump, or he even wins the Presidency, he is revealing the real truth of those who serve us in Washington.

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  • Rodney Steward

    There’s no such thing as a High Profile Democrat, some are just less of a loser than others!

    • VN VET

      That could also be very debatable , just like it could be for all of the other politicians in Washington and I do not mean Washington State either.

  • DOC


  • Jo Ann Campos

    Thank you senator Jim Webb, for supporting Trump.

  • El Dano

    Thanks Jim Webb, I understand a lot of other Liberals are lining up behind the Donald, Let
    the GOP Big boys try to give the election to Hilary maybe the little guys will stop her.

  • depaz

    Wasn’t Webb briefly on the democratic presidential candidate slate? I seem to remember a lone sane voice in the first Dem debate (which I couldn’t stomach after about 20 minutes), and I remember thinking that was a Dem I could possibly vote for. . . . .

    • jacksonbrown

      Yep, he was on the far left of the stage.

  • CaptTurbo

    Why wouldn’t he? Trump is a liberal democrat whereas Her Thighness is a Marxist criminal.

  • Jim Webb is the real deal – read his biography – read his novels – Webb is a Vietnam combat war hero and has abundant common sense – it won’t be long before Webb comes over to the Republican side.

    • jacksonbrown

      Yeah, agree 100% about Webb. He’s a democrat I might be able to vote for.

    • truthseeker

      Didn’t he run at the start as one of the Democratic Presidential Candidates ? I thought he looked out of place. The only one who really cared about our Country.

    • VN VET

      As a VNVET, I would just like to thank Mr. Webb for his military service for his country and that is a lot more than can be said about the other 99.99999999999999999999% of the so called politicians in Washington DC, no matter what party they may or may not belong to.

    • Oingo Boingo

      TRUMP + WEBB
      Takin’ Names and Kickin’ Ass

      If only…

  • Steven

    Since Trump is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, this should surprise no one.

    • Robert Russell

      Trump our next president whether you like Trump or not.

  • Rodger K. Shull

    Well maybe one, has seen the DIRTY LIGHT of the clinton campaign, an at least one demo-crapper fells threaten by what she could do, to the demo-crappers if she elected, remember she has loyalty to only one person, HER, no one else, including the CITIZENS OF THE USA, D or R. if billy boy got in her way, any more than he is now, his OLD SORRY A$$ would be under the bus, it is ALL FOR HRC an NONE FOR THE REST.

    • VN VET

      I agree, could not have said it any better ,thank you for your very true comments.Have a nice day.

  • Cyril Price

    So far, Trump has support from Mike Tyson, Jim Webb, the KKK, and Sarah Palin. The Donald is a cinch to win.

  • Robert Weltzien

    Terrible mistake. He knows not what he does…

    • VN VET

      Think about it this way, maybe, just maybe the big terrible mistake (as you call it ) is that he DOES know what he is doing and a lot of others do not like it ?

  • Imaybewrongbutimmostlyright

    Great! A guy who is okay with abortion and gay marriage and Transgendered men in womens bathrooms supports Trump! That will make all of the conservatives support Trump even more! Hundreds of THOUSANDS of blue collar Dems will vote for Trump! I think you need MILLIONS! But who CARES about the “Rhino’s” ( even though that is the definition of who Trump IS!) who profess they are REPUBLICANS and CONSERVATIVES, but who can’t articulate a single conservative position (Trump!) and who render the definition of basic words MEANINGLESS (Trump!), let’s talk about how great it is that a guy who couldn’t pull 1% of the DEMOCRAT vote, is SUCH an incredible harbinger of the vast Democratic move toward TRUMP! He idiots, Trump couldn’t even pull close to Bernie Sanders in vote count in NY, and Sanders LOST TO HILLARY! Ridiculous! But Jim Webb is gonna vote for Trump so it’s gonna be a landslide! Lying Ted, Lying Ted! Yeah, that should make all of the Trump-zombies feel better!

    • VN VET

      Just like everyone else on this web-site, you are entitled to your opinion. OH, and by the way are you done with your name calling or is there a few more that you would like to list before you are done ? Every heard that very old saying “It takes one to know one ” ? Sounds like you just might be in that class.

    • Robert Russell

      Trump he will know what to do , first beat Hillary , then deport illegals ,build the fence Mexico will pay for it. LoL!

  • Shelba Herring

    Good for Webb he has the courage of his convictions, he is like a lot of other people neither republican or democrat but tries to vote for the person who he thinks will be the best candidate for the country

    • VN VET

      I agree, besides look at things this way, Trump must be doing something right (what ever that something thing is) other wise, why would so many different politicians in Washington DC, the American government and the rest of the establishment be so against him? Has anyone else ever stopped long enough and thought about that ?

      • Robert Russell

        Not only that but now the leaders of the world don’t want Trump for obvious reasons they have been screwing us for years on trade ,Mexico is not our friend.

  • Oingo Boingo

    If Trump announced Webb as Vice President choice…
    they would MOP THE FLOOR with Hillaryous The Evil Snake Woman or ANYBODY else The DemonRats could come up with…like Biden or Warren (already positioning herself as Parachute In Replacement Candidate), if Snake Woman is seen as unwinnable due to gross criminality, cackling bad craziness and horrid scumbaggery.

  • 8gary8

    It seems some open-minded people are not as gullible as partisans may think. Webb never seemed to be a die-hard, left-wing, zealot. Thus, he refrains, as best he can, from playing the cockamamie game of politics. Happily, I believe his intentions are honorable & free from obfuscation. In short, Webb, like others, is sick of the malarkey of political falsehoods & attempts to bamboozle the public!

  • Linda Lee

    They need to stop calling her Secretary of state. She is NOT now the SOS

  • gunnygil

    Webb is a Nam combat veteran like myself, and knows that the hildebeast has no love for the military or law enforcement of any kind. She is a criminal pure and simple