Video: Hillary Clinton’s Health Is Obviously Failing

Hillary ClintonThe media has tried to keep it a secret, but Hillary Clinton’s health is very poor. She has been unable to keep up with Trump this election season because of it. She has been struggling to climb stairs and having coughing fits.

At the 9/11 Memorial Ceremony in New York, Clinton had to leave because of a health issue. On the video taken at the event, she appears to collapse as she gets into her van.

Her poor health would greatly affect her ability to be President. We need a strong and able President in good health who will be able to be there for the American people in every way.

She also has not been honest with the public about her health problems. This is not the first time the public has seen her struggling with her health. In poor taste, she joked that a coughing fit at a campaign event was due to a Trump allergy. She has not released any medical records or statements and is most likely hiding something.

America needs a strong leader and an honest leader, and Hillary Clinton is neither of those.

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