Hillary Clinton Just Declared Another War

18114333_lHillary Clinton is no stranger to war. She loves the battle.

While in the Senate, she voted to support the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars. As Secretary of State, she forged a Neocon Lite legacy:

Hillary Clinton leaves her position as Secretary of State with a legacy of supporting autocratic regimes and occupation armies, opposing enforcement of international humanitarian law, undermining arms control and defending military solutions to complex political problems. She was appointed to her position following eight years in the US Senate, during which she became an outspoken supporter of the invasion and occupation of Iraq, lied about Iraq’s military capabilities to frighten the public into supporting the illegal war, unleashed repeated attacks against the United Nations, opposed restrictions on land mines and cluster bombs, defended war crimes by allied right-wing governments and largely embraced Bush’s unilateralist agenda.

Now a new attack, a new battle, yet another war… against a book?

It seems the famed Clinton war room of 1992 is back in action.

Yes, 23 years later, the Clinton War Machine is in all-out full battle mode, unleashing a barrage of press releases, YouTube videos, and blasting social media to do everything in its power to attack, undermine and debunk the book that threatens to derail her path to the White House. Politico reports:

In early March, weeks before Hillary Clinton even announced her campaign, spokesman Brian Fallon and research director Tony Carrk began holding regular war room meetings with a team of eight volunteers on a serious mission: Fighting back against a forthcoming book, “Clinton Cash,” that threatened to seriously disrupt the campaign in its infancy.

This was an updated version of the famed war room that fought the first round of Clinton scandals in 1992, propelling Bill Clinton to the presidency; now, two months later, aides point to the handling of the “Clinton Cash” threat – a still-unfolding stream of allegations involving the Clinton Foundation and its donors, but one that seems not to have seriously altered perceptions of Hillary – as proof of the campaign’s ability to manage messaging and counter the inevitable blowback of an 18-month campaign.

Will “Clinton Cash” reveal the dirty dealings of the Clinton Foundation and deal the Clinton Machine a death blow? Or will Peter Schweizer be another casualty and added to the body count of the Clinton War Machine?

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