The Main Reason Donald Trump Will Beat Hillary In November

hillary lyingHillary Clinton is prone to lying. Millions of Americans do not trust her because of the scandals that have plagued her political career.

From Benghazi and deleted e-mails to supposedly landing under sniper fire in Bosnia, her lies have spanned decades. She knows no bounds when lying to the public.

However, she is beginning to suffer in the polls because of this.

Donald Trump, who refers to her as “Crooked Hillary,” has continued to point out her dishonesty. He is now gaining more voters as each new lie surfaces.

Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s campaign manager, said,

“The polling data that you showed earlier really tells the tale. Hillary Clinton is having a hard time being accepted as a truthful and honest candidate vis-à-vis the American people.”

Earlier in the summer, polls were showing Clinton as many as twelve points ahead. Now, polls are showing Trump ahead or the two neck and neck.

Hillary Clinton has no respect for the American people. She has proved this again and again. And she has had the audacity to say she has never lied to the public.

Americans are tired of the corrupt political establishment. We are ready for honesty and transparency, which we will not find in a political insider.

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