Hillary Clinton takes aim at increases in drug prices

The recent controversy over EpiPen price hikes has renewed interest in what, if anything, policymakers can do to help consumers deal with increases in drug prices. To her credit, Hillary Clinton unveiled a new proposal late last week about a larger governmental role. Slate did a nice job summarizing the presidential candidate’s plan:

As president, Clinton would create a task force of regulators with the power to decide whether price increases on old, essential medicines and devices were reasonable given product improvements and the amount of competition in the market. If not, the task force would have the power to mete out punishments to companies that were trying to profiteer, potentially with fines.

In fact, as some reports emphasized, the same plan would empower federal officials to purchase alternative versions of the medication, and make it available to consumers at a low cost, if the task force considers a price hike excessive.


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source: http://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow-show/hillary-clinton-takes-aim-increases-drug-prices

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  • Kathy C.

    HRC will do NOTHING!!! Big Pharm are one of her biggest backers. She owes them too much

  • ironbiker

    Sure she will…

  • Joe Pewter

    H Clinton has had many yrs to help control the realistics of medicinal pricing..finally showing voice on them?maybe theres some concern on adult diapers as well?

  • Rodney Steward

    All she wants is bigger Gov., may be why the WHOLE SYSTEM wants her for Prez. she guarantees the big gov. wants, MONEY & POWER! This is why I think she’ll be put into the White house just like Obama was! He started the sick agenda and she’s going to finish it, she’s much more evil!

  • generalJed

    Maybe Hillary should talk to her CEO friend at Mylan, the one that went from a $600,000 per year salary to over $18,000,000 per year, right after paying off Hillary and her foundation!

  • The Redman

    white-folks ruined america long ago in denial.

  • Walter Bazner

    She actually is one of the reasons drugs are not affordable.She is involved in the drug lobby.They contribute vast amounts of money to her so prices keep going up.Folks need to start reading about this woman and find out just how big a phoney she is. Just goggle her and learn