Hillary Creates Her Own Scandal by Refusing to Do This

hillaryspeechAs if Hillary needs one more scandal on her resume.

Now she’s actually creating her own scandals.

Her latest scandal?

The Goldman-Sachs speeches she made for big bucks:

It is this ill-conceived and politically inept strategy that the presidential campaign team surrounding Hillary Clinton is now running in 2016. The “crime” in question? Her lucrative speeches to Goldman Sachs.

In contrast to “Tricky Dick,” her campaign is not denying that the speech happened or even that there are tapes and transcripts of her paid speeches to the investment bank.

Nor is Hillary Clinton prevented from releasing them, since her contracts for those events explicitly state that she is in full control of the rights for those texts.

She is just arguing that she won’t release the text until “everybody who’s ever given a speech to any private group under any circumstances release[s] them.” Whatever the curious logic of that statement may be, it isn’t going to wash.

Already, there are enough comments from Goldman Sachs bankers who attended those events pointing to the likelihood that the speeches were such a love song to Wall Street that Mrs. Clinton cannot possibly release those texts in the current political context.

Of course, Bernie quickly and easily dismissed his ties to Wall Street.

He hasn’t gotten paid to make any speeches.

Now Hillary uses the goofy logic that any one who made a speech to a private group release the transcript?

Hey, Hillary, you’re the ONLY one making speeches to Wall Street for big bucks on one hand, and claiming to fight Wall Street abuses for the common people.

Here’s a thought Hillary…

Lust stop.

Stop giving speeches.

Stop giving Wall Street speeches. Stop giving campaign speeches.

Just shut up.

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