Hillary Makes History – Yet Progressives Are In Full Panic Mode

dishonestHillary did it.

She became the first woman to become the nominee for President of a major political party.

And in the process of achieving this historical feat, she accomplished one more thing:

She became the single candidate to drop in the polls relative to her opponent immediately following the party’s convention.

Usually after political party convention, the Presidential Candidate enjoys a bump in the polls.

But Hillary enjoyed a historic convention drop in the polls.

Hillary Clinton has made history. She is now officially the only candidate to go down in the polls relative to her rival in any major party contest since 1824.

Progressives are panicking:

Donald Trump has surged in election polls, bolstered by post-convention support, to overtake Hillary Clinton in the latest CNN/ORC survey (pdf) that finds the Republican nominee at 44 percent to Clinton’s 39.

The latest poll measures Trump against Clinton, the Green Party’s Jill Stein (three percent) and Libertarian Gary Johnson (nine percent). In a hypothetical two-way matchup, Trump beats Clinton at a slightly closer 48 to 45 percent.

Too late Progressives. The Democratic Party hacks anointed and rigged this thing for Hillary.

Good luck with that.

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  • Timothy

    Hillary the is full of lies … She will hurt this country.
    …………Trump 16 ……….

  • Darrel Dunson

    So Hillary started rigging the DNC nomination 4 years ago and it worked. So what? Who believes she hasn’t learned from Obama how he got more votes than there were registered voters in all those places 4 years ago? Who believes she already knows how to collect 100% of the votes cast at a given place in her favor? Although these things are an impossibility, they happened and will likely happen again. The difference? This time the public will not tolerate it. They will not sit quietly by while these atrocities happen again. People are fed up and will have their way regardless of any treasonous acts by the Clintons and Obamas. The news media has hidden how few followers Clinton actually gathered at meetings without paying them compared to Trump numbers. In spite of all the fraud, etc. Trump steamrolled all the completion during the primaries. Look for it to happen in the general election too. Even martial law and the UN will not stop the “CHANGE” that is coming this year! It may be slowed some, there may be casualties, but it will happen. Assist it, stand by and watch it happen, or bend over and kiss yourself goodbye cause it will happen, regardless!

  • Naomi Lackey

    NO – she didn’t. The 1st woman candidate was Victoria Woodhull, of Ohio – historical marker with this fact on it. (Watch it, it will probably disappear). She DID not win, honestly; she did not ‘break any glass ceiling’. This whole debacle is a ‘joke’. It would be funny, if it wasn’t so serious. It sounds like something SNL would act out.