Hillary Supporters Attack ’Bill Clinton is A Rapist’ Protester

Hillary Clinton supporters continue lashing out at the protesters interrupting her rallies with the message that Bill Clinton is a rapist.

During a rally in Las Vegas with the Carpenters Union, a man started shouting that Bill Clinton was a rapist, holding up a sign of the former president with the word “rape” on it.

Immediately a group of male Clinton supporters chanting “Hillary! Hillary! Hillary!” tackled him to the ground, destroyed his sign and ripped his shirt, before he was escorted out of the rally.

The fight was captured by a photojournalist for local TV news station KTNV.

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source: http://www.breitbart.com/2016-presidential-race/2016/10/13/hillary-supporters-attack-bill-clinton-rapist-protester/

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  • gypsy314

    Liberals are tough when it comes to a pile on . I have to say freedom of speech is in danger if liberals commie have there way

  • Ron C

    The democrat party & MSM is the party of “what are you going to give me….for free”…party. Worst yet they condone rape as long as its one of theirs doing the rape… filthy hypocrites’!

  • Dave

    Liberals can dish it out, and they have no problem with freedom of speech when it’s THEIR freedom, but they CAN’T TAKE IT, and don’t want anyone ELSE using FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!!
    GUTLESS, COWARDLY FANATICS!!! DO WHAT I SAY, NOT what I do….. a bunch of P[r]USSIES.

  • Adrienne Moore

    Get back to the issues that are draining our Nation. Trump/Pence 2016

  • The Redman

    white-folks stick 2 gather in their evilness. they ruined america

    • Dennis B Anderson


      • Howleyesque

        Actually, SPEEDY there is a latino who does his best to stir up as much racial hatred between blacks and whites as he can, hoping he and his will be ignored! But, you are right about his politics… meet his FAVORITE politician https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ddf9fa89f59fb7801bd9eaca54ac710240ab58265c6985645f8fe346ff50b8e9.jpg

        • The Redman


          • Howleyesque

            I’ve told you many times before Speedy, I don’t CARE WHAT that drunk coke ho you call Mommy told you… we are NOT related!

          • The Redman

            Y do U, loser, call yo no good mama names like dat.

      • The Redman

        Yep. most of U pinkies love 2 “rape”, kill, lie, and den play crazy, huh. broke-back andy. hahahahahahaahha

        • Dennis B Anderson

          Did you go back to the reservation Red Mutt? I have never been to broke back mountain nor did I chase down slow moving tatonka for sex when I was there! I mentioned my family was here to welcome Coronado when he got off the boat. The other half came from Germany in the mid 1700s I have proof.
          What happened between the white man and the red man was inevitable! How they went about it was unconsciable.
          Now we have a man in the white house whos creating a devide between everybody. Put away the payote buttons for a while and take a good look at whats going on. Want a job or do you want to complain this is the only world we have. I beleive Trump will help us all kid! Hillary it will be business as usual which is no business. My family was in the death march coined The Trail Of Tears out of Virginia.

          • The Redman

            98% of U stupid white-folks will never come out of denial.

          • Dennis B Anderson

            What would that be Red Mutt denial about what? When I was a child my heritage wasnt talked about in certain groups it wasnt in bad taste it was stupid. I could have been a blond haired blue eyed scandanavian, or Italian decent, god help me if I was american.indian. Were talking about Globalism not nationalism if Hillary is allowed back into the white house. Maybe you would like to be Bill Clinton? If you were do you know what that would make you? A cork sucker by proxy so = Vesa mae culo pendahoe!

          • The Redman

            U’re jes another goat-face inbreed dat help other no good white-folks ruin what could have been a great country. denise

  • Howleyesque
    • Dennis B Anderson

      Oh you dont want me or the rest of intolerables youre looking for Hillary! She grew it for you to chew it!

      • Howleyesque

        Nah I just posted a poster… not my fault whose feet the shoes fit.

    • Susan young

      Pleases get all NFL to vote fir Mr Trump 2016 AZ vote your ballets were mailed out on Oct 12 so fill out your ballot mail it out ASAP vote for Trump

      • Howleyesque

        If I COULD I would. HOWEVER I’m NOT Chuck Howley for one thing, just a Cowboys fan.

  • armydadtexas

    The true LEFT wing, mindless, slobbering TROLLS on display. This is who the far, left wing, radical, “liberal” is. Morons and Trolls one and all

  • April Baylor

    Clinton believes Catholics are bad, evangelicals are bad, Latinos are needy, Trumps supporters are deplorable and irredeemable, Bernie supporters are a bucket of losers that are basement dwellers, all republicans are her enemy, and the one man trying to fix America she loathes. So I ask you who does she like? Let me answer for you.. NO ONE

  • TOM

    Truth really hurts most Democrats. Wait until they get more on the Pedophile Bill and his trips to Orgy Island screwing underage girls. Made 26 trips to the Island. Why would you dump your Secret Service protection on 5 of those trips? No Witnesses? How many women has this a$$hole actually raped? How many of those lives have been brutally effected? Why isn’t the News Networks not covering this? They are trying to dig up claims against Trump on suppose crap that happened over 30 years ago. Hey lady on the flight that was supposed to be groped: Just for you information the arm rest don’t raise up or down in the first class section for the model planes you where on 30 years ago, so STFU

  • mohrri

    Good for them, because what Hillary did, talking against these women, when she suppose to be women defender. She is an Hypocrite, just like those who defend her, that pretend to be very self righteouness , like the “Celebrities” that feel offended of Mr. Trump comments that happen years ago. When everybody knows that these “Celebrities” have the most disgusting foul language when they are in those Hollywood Parties.