Hillary Is Unable to Give a Simple, Straight-Forward Answer

dishonestYou would think that after nearly two years of the email scandal dogging Hillary that she would have some kind of simple answer for her actions.

Yet, whenever she is questioned about her use of a private email server and handling of classified information while serving as Secretary of State, her response is becoming increasingly convoluted.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is still struggling to formulate a simple, straightforward answer to the question of why she used a personal email server for government business and how classified information came to be stored there.

Since the New York Times reported on March 2, 2015 that Mrs. Clinton used a home-based email server while serving at the State Department, she and her campaign have had 525 days to formulate a consistent public response. Instead, she has alternated between apologizing, explaining away the controversy and insisting that nothing wrong occurred — sometimes all within the same interview or appearance.

Last Friday, Mrs. Clinton’s struggles were on display again as she slogged through two pointed questions about the email situation during a forum that was part of an event honoring black and Hispanic reporters.

Mrs. Clinton’s two answers amounted to a combined 500 words through which she acknowledged she may have “short-circuitedwhen discussing her email use in an interview last month, apologized for her “mistake” in choosing to use her own server, and defended her basic honesty on the issue.

She may have “short-circuited”?


What does that even mean?

Hillary, it’s time we short circuit you.

And unplug you from doing any more damage to this nation.

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