Hillary Was Too Busy- So This Is What She Did to Fix It

computerDoes Hillary Clinton live in some sort of alternate universe?

She is the queen of fabrication.

It’s ridiculous.

Her reasons for using a private email server while Secretary of State defy common sense and all logic.

This just keeps getting better all the time. First Hillary tells Andrea Mitchell that, hey, you know, she didn’t really think that much about her e-mail setup. There were too many things to do around the world. Now think about that one: If you’re not really giving it much thought, then what do you do when they tell you, oh, hey, here’s your state.gov e-mail address? You say, OK, thanks for the e-mail address. What you absolutely do not do if you’re not thinking much about it is pay $5,000 of your own money to have your own separate setup, even though it means you’re shelling out for a guy who’s doing it anyway at taxpayer expense and would have been handling yours if only you’d used the government account you were supposed to use.

And that’s exactly what Hillary did, in an arrangement whose legality is so questionable that the IT guy she was sharing with the State Department (unbeknownst to the State Department, mind you) is now taking the Fifth rather than answer questions about it:

Imagine this woman as President of the United State.

Making up her own reality as she goes along.

God help us all.

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