Hillary’s Insane Attack Against Trump – Is She Actually Jealous of Trump?

hillarygunsMaybe Hillary truly admires Donald Trump?

He has wealth and power.

He’s successful and famous.

He lives a lavish lifestyle.

It’s even more lavish than Hillary and Bill’s.

So, in some kinda reverse psychological ninja voodoo political attack move, Hillary attacks Trump for living a lavish lifestyle:

Pretty astonishing when you stop and realize how Bill and Hillary live:


Check out Hillary attack on Trump’s lavish lifestyle:

Hillary Clinton recently criticized Donald Trump for living a lavish lifestyle.

If that seems strange to you, it should.

Hillary Clinton is incredibly wealth. She owns at least three homes and two of them are mansions.

Hillary Clinton has made over $141 million in the last eight years. Clinton flies on charter jets and every time she delivers a speech, she gets paid over $200,000. That same person is calling out Trump for living a lifestyle that is too lavish.

On Monday, in Delaware, Hillary said that wealthy Donald Trump flies into a state, gives a speech and then returns to a life of luxury without caring about the citizens’ problems.

The funny thing about this is that Clinton does the same thing she accuses Trump of doing!


Maybe Hillary attacks how Trump lives a lavish lifestyle because she’s actually jealous of the fact that he actually earned his lifestyle?

He didn’t sell political favors for cash to foreign governments.

Trump didn’t compromise the national security of the United States for wealth and power.

But Hillary did.

That’s one HUGE difference in living a lavish lifestyle now, isn’t it?

Living large without any guilt.

That’s living rich Hillary.



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  • Howleyesque

    LOL Like we didn’t know that there is NO level of hypocrisy to which that unprincipled pile of corrupt ambition will not sink.

    • kbfallon

      She’s jealous of Trump–he has charisma that you cannot buy or be awarded. Plus the wealth he has accumulated was from his work–earned and not given to him.

  • Kent2012

    and the hore accomplished her millions through illegal enterprises disguised as “speaking engagements” and “foundation contributions” nice way to hide bribes to buy influence from a street walker…

  • 3CatLady

    This is a case of the pot calling the kettle black except the kettle (Trump) earned his money. She got hers through political speeches, graft and illegal international donors to her foundation to support her political ambitions. I’d rather have someone in the White House who has been there and done that albeit on a grander scale than 90% of legal Americans. She has mastered political double speak while Trump is talking from the heart. I hope his meeting on Thursday with Ryan and possibly other Congressional persons who are on the fence go well. Go Trump in 2016 and 2020! It’s going to take years to unravel what Obummer has done to this country!!!

    • used_to_be_a_liberal

      you got that right!!

  • The pot calls the kettle black.

  • used_to_be_a_liberal

    Keep it up Hilda-Beast, it is obvious that your insanity is going to control your mouth. Trump is already pushing your buttons, and he hasn’t really even started on you yet. You know that old saying about those that live in a glass house, yup, shouldn’t throw stones.

    • kbfallon

      But-But……..I’m HILLARY Damn It !!!!

      • used_to_be_a_liberal

        so true

      • Diana Schneider

        Good God Really!!!!! I feel sorry for ya

        • kbfallon

          Thanks Diana–I got a good laugh out of your reply……..!

      • Rodney Tolbert

        To funny. But that is the way she thinks. lol

  • farmboy1993

    The difference is Mr.Trump worked hard and earned it himself. Clinton sold Americans out, and was bought by the big banks, etc. Clinton stole her money from the American people! Clinton mansions were bought and paid for by American tax payers! Hillary really is crooked! She lies, hides, and cheats in everything she does! She belongs in prison! She should never of been allowed to run as president or even should have been allowed to hold any office! Many Americans today would still be alive, if she was put in jail! Never Hillary! Never!

  • Rodney Steward

    The Clintons like Obama are more concerned about world control than the lavish life style, they have the money, and one of the most ugliest kids in the world!

  • Michael Peterson

    What is truly astonishing is the fact that there are people in America who support this treasonous criminal. How did we as a nation, which grew with a moral compass, fall to this level of disgust and immoral behavior.
    Just as POTUS has rewarded many people for their bad behavior, he has single handedly divided us as a country, wether it is with police officers or people of his own race who he has abandoned by proxy.
    Does anyone else see the familiarity of Nazi Germanys Hitler and Mr Obama with the eradication of God and His word?
    And the similarities between the words osama bin laden and barack husien obama and now we have hitler and hillary, call me suspicious but I smell evil.
    Democrats the party of lies and deciet. And now we see that the Republican party seems to follow the same path.


    I wouldn’t bet she would like to jump Big Don’s swinging Sirloin along with a few kinky thoughts!!

  • Mark Sauck

    There’s strange irony in many who can command the wealth to pay such extravagant amounts of money just to hear the balloney that comes out of this woman’s mouth who’s only big accomplishment is lies and manipulation. Maybe the people who are bank rolling her and Bill are just as corrupt. The utter vast mendacity of these people (those who help and support her) should be frightening to all. This all reads like a bad horror movie that never ends. Instead of Elm Street it’s a nightmare on Pennsylvania Ave.

    • Tony Nash

      True, honorable members of the party of past Democrats must roll in their collective graves after the likes of recent leaders like Clinton. Still a puzzle why they vote for her – freebies?

    • don lavrich

      the only qualification Hillary has is that she sits down to piss and is a woman!

      • Pamela Sellarole

        Is she really? Obviously, she is female. But for those of you who remember the movie “Gidget,” starring Sandra Dee, you will recall that her mother gave the best definition of true womanhood I have ever heard. She said that a real woman is one who brings out the best in a man. Now if that’s Billy-boy’s best, I’d hate to see his worst.

  • ErnieLane

    Donald is happily married and she is not, and Donald has kids he can be proud of, and she does not. And then there’s the material things. Of course she is.

    • typicalwhiteguy

      The old Hide does have her gay lover, Huma.

  • Bobbie

    The difference is Trump actually EARNED his wealth thru hard work. Clinton sure as hell can’t say that!!!!!

  • don lavrich

    Hillary is so jealous, she can taste it. trump worked for his money, Hillary stole hers mostly from the tax payers. someone that gets rich by handouts, is not worthy of praise, but scorn, and should be ashamed of herself. you Hillary supporters out there, do you think she deserves the presidency because she stole and took handouts from everyone, or should trump get it because he is a very good business man, and earned his? go Trump!

  • wsurfs .

    Hillary Clinton would LIKE TO HAVE ALL OF Donald Trump’s MONEY….!!

  • Rodger K. Shull

    she is an old dog with out any new tricks, an the ones she is comming up with are pathic losers, like her followers/voters, LOSERS

  • epauls

    The Clinton’s only want the best for themselves; others are not of any concern. Hillary is critical of men as she recently stated in a speech. This speech leads me to believe that Hillary had little/no concern for the “MEN of Benghazi”.

  • Hillary is hypocritical, double-minded, self-obsessed, greedy, and jealous? Really? This is news? It sounds about 45 years old to me. Maybe more like 69 years old as of October 26th this year.

  • papa doug

    Just when you think she can’t sink any lower…she does!

  • Shelba Herring

    Clinton will say or do anything to discredit Trump so you have to take any statements she makes with raised eyebrows. Not only is she jealous but she is running scared and she has a right to be. Trump can and will expose her for what she is and he will tell the public why he no longer backs her political career

  • Debra Shawver

    She is the height of hypocrisy…cannot stand her…..and some fools think she is great.

  • Roger

    Donald Trump will close our borders, he will deport the illegal alien criminals and build a wall, he will create real jobs, not paper jobs like Obama and he will bring American companies back to America! Donald Trump will reduce the national debt and balance the budget! Donald Trump will make sure that our military is the mightiest fighting force in the world, he will unite the good people of the world and terrorism will be eradicated from the face of the earth. No person running for President can do these things, except Donald Trump! No person running for President seems to want to do these things,except DONALD J. TRUMP! NO ONE, PERIOD! Donald Trump is not a racist, he doesn’t have anything against immigrants of any nationality that are in America legally, he only wants to deport illegal alien criminals and even, every legal immigrant should want that too! Donald Trump will make America greater than she’s ever been! DONALD TRUMP is a LEADER! If anyone thinks that DONALD TRUMP can’t do these things and more, vote him, your next PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES of AMERICAN and you will be pleasantly surprised!

    • Roger

      Hillary Clinton is a total failure! She failed at everything she ever tried to do except lying, she is really good at that.

      1. While Secretary of State she failed to react to pleas for help from our Embassy in Benghazi, Libya, that failure cost four Americans including Ambassador Chris Stevens their lives!

      2. The administration tried to blame the attack on a video, which they knew was false! Hillary Clinton was part of this conspiracy because she was Secretary of State and did not refute this claim even though there was no way that she could not have known it was false.

      3. Hillary Clinton and her husband stole government property when they left the White House, now I don’t think after eight years they didn’t know what they were doing was illegal and that the property they stole did not belong to them.

      4. While Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton used a private, unsecured email server to send and receive emails which she knew was illegal, while putting our national security at risk. She said others did it that’s why she did it. So it seems even if it is wrong, in her opinion it is right if someone else did it.

      5. While Secretary of State six billion dollars went missing from the State Department! That is taxpayer money, I am a taxpayer and I want to know where my money is!

      6. Just recently Hillary Clinton stated that no Americans lives were lost in Libya while she was Secretary of State. I guess she didn’t know that Benghazi was in Libya. Imagine that, a Secretary of State that doesn’t know her geography! These four Americans died in Benghazi, Libya, Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, Information Management officer, Sean Smith, Navy Seals, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.

      7. Hillary Clinton voted for the Iraq war in exchange for 20 billion dollars, promised to her by then President, George W. Bush. Supposedly for the rebuilding of New York City?

      8. Let’s not forget Whitewater and Vince Foster!

      9. Now we have Bill Clinton visiting polling places in an underhanded attempt to influence voters.

      10. When it comes to lying or telling the truth, this is what I heard Hillary Clinton say in an interview with Scott Pelley, she said I have always tried to tell the truth and I don’t believe I ever lied. What? You tell the truth or you don’t, there is no try. She doesn’t think she lied? I don’t believe I ever did anything that I didn’t know I did. If I told a lie, I would know it!

      11. Hillary Clinton even failed in marriage as everyone knows, they also know what went on in the oval office. Any other woman would have divorced her husband except for a woman pursuing a political agenda. Hillary doesn’t love her husband, she is using him for her own political gain.

      12. The establishment, the liberals and the media, slammed Donald Trump for not immediately denouncing David Duke’s endorsement but they say nothing about Hillary Clinton who was close friends with Robert Byrd, a former KKK member and chapter leader. I don’t care how much good one does it cannot erase the past. Byrd was a member of a gang of sheet clad bigots and thugs that maimed and killed people just because they were different much like the terrorists, Isis does now. It doesn’t matter whether or not Byrd was directly involved in any maiming or killings, he is guilty by association. Byrd’s claim that during his time in the KKK there was no violence, BS, he doesn’t know what other members did when he wasn’t around! Besides I don’t believe him, violence was and still is their agenda!

      David Duke a former member of the KKK also served in the political arena, so why is one former KKK member better than another? Robert Byrd and David Duke were members of a bigoted hate group, that maimed and killed for their own self serving agenda. Robert Byrd and David Duke both have blood on their hands, whether or not they were personally involved in any maiming or murders, simply put Robert Byrd and David Duke were terrorists.

  • Vincent Fisher

    She isn’t jealous and really doesn’t care about Trump’s wealth or lifestyle. She’s simply attempting to appeal to the voters, especially those who hate or distrust Trump. Many people who support Hillary are those, going by my observations, who always vote Democrat. They do not pay attention to any accusations laid against her or her husband. It’s a waste of time pointing out the problem with Hillary’s character to her supporters.

  • joe 35

    She is a poor excuse for a human. Lies like a rug. Dodges guestions , corrupt business deals,responsible for bengazi and newmerous.
    Business deals to line her pockets . Does not care about people she feel are beneath her.

  • Joe Pewter

    H is a cross eyed diaper wearing lunatic..accomplishments of stealing from.. false promises to/ of troubled african nations + others..many foundations in reality are non profit frauds by design ..most are funded by their own earned money..clintons Abused governments to gain contributions