Hillary’s Insane Attack Against Trump – Is She Actually Jealous of Trump?

hillarygunsMaybe Hillary truly admires Donald Trump?

He has wealth and power.

He’s successful and famous.

He lives a lavish lifestyle.

It’s even more lavish than Hillary and Bill’s.

So, in some kinda reverse psychological ninja voodoo political attack move, Hillary attacks Trump for living a lavish lifestyle:

Pretty astonishing when you stop and realize how Bill and Hillary live:


Check out Hillary attack on Trump’s lavish lifestyle:

Hillary Clinton recently criticized Donald Trump for living a lavish lifestyle.

If that seems strange to you, it should.

Hillary Clinton is incredibly wealth. She owns at least three homes and two of them are mansions.

Hillary Clinton has made over $141 million in the last eight years. Clinton flies on charter jets and every time she delivers a speech, she gets paid over $200,000. That same person is calling out Trump for living a lifestyle that is too lavish.

On Monday, in Delaware, Hillary said that wealthy Donald Trump flies into a state, gives a speech and then returns to a life of luxury without caring about the citizens’ problems.

The funny thing about this is that Clinton does the same thing she accuses Trump of doing!


Maybe Hillary attacks how Trump lives a lavish lifestyle because she’s actually jealous of the fact that he actually earned his lifestyle?

He didn’t sell political favors for cash to foreign governments.

Trump didn’t compromise the national security of the United States for wealth and power.

But Hillary did.

That’s one HUGE difference in living a lavish lifestyle now, isn’t it?

Living large without any guilt.

That’s living rich Hillary.



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