Most Hispanics actually support deportation

An election eve poll finds sweeping support for immigrationenforcement even among most Hispanics in the United States, potentially bolstering Donald Trump‘s presidential bid.

The Pulse Opinion Research survey found that 51 percent of Hispanics believe that there has been “too little” done to enforce immigrationlaws. What’s more, by a margin of 49 percent to 36 percent, Hispanics “support a policy causing illegal immigrants to return home by enforcing the law.”

Overall, the survey done for the Center for Immigration Studies, found that most Americans, 54 percent, believe that the administration has done too little to enforce immigration laws and 56 percent support returning illegals.

Immigration has been a huge issue in the election and most pundits have reasoned that Trump’s call for enforcement and construction of a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border has pushed Hispanics into Hillary Rodham Clinton’s camp.

But the findings cloud that reasoning since more Hispanics support a deportation policy for illegals.

Another key finding: Most Americans want a cap of 500,000 immigrants a year, about half the current level.


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