How Bill Clinton’s “Chance Meeting” Is Like the Pete Rose Lifetime Ban from Baseball

3785098688_a32e1a5091_zHere’s an interesting perspective at how wrong Bill Clinton’s meeting with AG Loretta Lynch really was.

Pete Rose was banned for life from baseball for gambling.


Because of the obvious conflict of interest and complete disregard for the integrity of the game.

Baseball banned Pete, right or wrong, to protect the game of baseball.

Give this article in The National Review a read to get a deeper understanding of just how wrong Bill Clinton’s meeting with Loretta Lynch was:

I couldn’t help but think of Rose’s ban-for-life when news broke about the totally “spontaneous” meeting between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former president Bill Clinton.

The latter, it so happens, is not just married to Hillary Clinton, the subject of the former’s most significant criminal investigation; he is quite possibly a subject in his own right — and, at the very least, a key witness. Meantime, the attorney general is the ultimate maker of what will be the Justice Department’s epic decision whether to indict Mrs. Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee for the nation’s highest office — the Obama administration having turned a deaf ear to Republican calls for a so-called special prosecutor.

Baseball’s seemingly draconian ban on Rose sprang to mind when I read the pained but forgiving tweet by Democratic media-plant David Axelrod.

He took the AG and former president “at their word” that there had been no discussion of the FBI’s Hillary probe during what we are to believe was an unplanned meeting — just one of those chance encounters between two of the most tightly guarded officials of the world’s only superpower, whose Praetorian phalanxes leave nothing to chance.

Maybe Axelrod is right. After all, who on earth could be more trustworthy than (a) a former president who has been impeached and disbarred for giving false testimony that obstructed judicial proceedings and (b) the steward of American history’s most politicized Justice Department, who swore to enforce the laws right after testifying (at her confirmation hearing) that the executive branch need not enforce the laws?

Pete Rose claimed he never bet on his own games. Democratic mouth piece David Axelrod wants us all to believe that an  ex-President impeached for lying under oath simply met Lynch to chat about the grand kids.

I do know this…

I wouldn’t vote to elect Bill Clinton into the Hall of Fame of Presidents.


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