Hundreds Join GOP Insider Conference Call – Look What They’re Doing Now

gopIt seems as if momentum is gaining.
And if it’s true and it does happen, things are going to get real ugly at the Republican convention.
GOP insiders are lining up support to oppose Donald Trump’s nomination.
About 1,000 Republicans nationwide participated in a conference call Sunday night discussing the effort to prevent Donald Trump from getting the Republican presidential nomination at the party’s convention next month, according to organizers.
The figure would represent a sharp rise from the roughly three dozen people who were said to have taken part in a similar call last week, according to CNN. News outlets were unable to independently confirm the number of people on the call.
An organizer estimated that about 250 of the people on the latest call were delegates to the Republican convention.
Republicans wary of nominating Trump are looking to change convention rules, allowing delegates to become unbound. They want rules that would allow delegates to vote for which ever candidate the like, instead of in line with results of state caucuses and primaries.
Organizers on the call encouraged participants to start “traditional grassroots campaigning” for the idea, such as writing letters to the editor, according to ABC News.
Make no mistake, the GOP power elite do not want Trump as the nominee.
This is far from over.
If the GOP dumps Trump, what do you feel will happen to the Republican Party?

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  • DonRS

    It is not only what will happen to the Republican Party, but what should and must happen to the Republican Party.

    Either Trump or Hillary (if not indicted) will be the next President. Any Democrat, as they are no longer the Democrats of old, rather the new breed of anti-American Democrats, will be a disaster for years to come, with the appointment of up to 5 far left Supreme Court Justices. We no longer have 3 independent, balancing divisions of the Federal government. We effectively only have ONE! Obama has demonstrated the impotence of Congress and the Supreme Court.

    The destruction of America and the dream it represents is well under way!

  • Michael Peterson

    These RINOs should immediately renounce their party affiliations and join the Dumbocrats. They are definitely not listening to we the people.

  • SickandTiredofObamaTheMuslim

    I wouldn’t be surprised if a Cival war of some sort was started! Trump earned the delegates he needed to be the nominee, and was forced to sign a loyalty pledge … and yet the Republican Party has not been loyal to him, has been back stabbing him all the way, and it would also indicate … they don’t care who the primary voters want either! It’s time to Dump the Establishment … anyway necessary, and teach them the peoples votes and wishes DO Matter!

    • James Newberry

      They want him to be loyal to them, but the reverse doesn’t apply, go figure.

      • SickandTiredofObamaTheMuslim

        I know, but it’s a 2-way street … and it’s time them Pecker Heads figure that out … the hard way!!

    • Maxine Smith

      We do not need to send any more money to the GOP because they have been funneling it to Cruz. All backstabbers.

  • viking nation

    WOW this is all lies, This is put out by the Democrats in a last attempt to bring votes to Hillary, this is the democrats LOW Politics. A vote for Hillary & her Obama Politics will get our kids killed.

  • These people are morons. They can’t take the vote away from the people. Trump set a record for the number of primary votes he received. Now these assholes want to change the rules to unbound delegates from voting for Trump. This will destroy the Republican party and give the presidency to Hillary. Trump beat out 16 other candidates to win the nomination. So who do these motherfuckers think they’re going to nominate. Nobody liked the other candidates. So they’re going to nominate Cruz who got the shit beat out of him by Trump. If they nominate someone other than Trump, then I’ll stay home on election day. I won’t vote for the shit head they nominate and I will no longer be a member of the Republican party.

    • skipsart

      Don’t stay home and not vote. That will ensure Hillary wins. Just write in Trump’s name. If we all do that then Trump can still win. We need to get a grassroots moving on this.

    • James Newberry

      They are all educated and should know what you are saying. Boy, they must have some huge egos not being able to face reality.

    • Maxine Smith

      I knew all along that Ted Cruz is a piece of shit hiding behind his bible but he is no Christian. He is a LIAR and a CHEATER! He will bring in the North American Union and set this country up just like the EU. Then the New World Order. God how can you people be so stupid. I pray every day that God shows each of the traitors for who they really are. Cruz is the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” that God warned us about. This has been his plan all along. That is why he only suspended his campaign. So sick of the lying traitors to America and the idiots that follow them right along to our slavery. God protect us from all the enemies within this country. Cruz is one of the insiders bought and paid for by the banks, the lobbiest, and most of all by Soros just like Killary. Trump owes no one, is not beholding to anyone, and loves America and us but you would rather have a crook like Cruz and Killary. You deserve them but the only problem is you and your stupidity will take the rest of us along with you into ultimate slavery. Again, God please protect us from your enemies within this country. Amen!!!!!!!

      • Lee

        How do you really feel?

    • Pete Pistole

      Don’t stay home write in TRUMP!!!

  • alfred e newman

    hillary has already stated in her own words she simply is not fit to be the next communist party leader of the united soviet america her 1 and only 1 goal is to completely destroy the constitution and completely screw we the political prisoners of the united soviet america by setting up a ruling class and a slave labor class with absolutely no freedom for any body but her

    • James Newberry

      I favor USSA United Socialist States of America..

      • alfred e newman

        move to russia or china personally i have been and always will be a anticommunist

  • texas1

    The Republican Party will have committed suicide.

  • HDMania

    So the demorats and the repubs dont want Trump in the pres slot ?..gee I wonder why ?..They dont want an honest man for the american people to mess up their corruption scheme against the american people..Hope Trump goes in to their poker game and grabs the table and flips it upside down and the chips (corrupt money) flies everywhere..TRUMP 2016

  • Jerry

    It is horrible to listen and read this. The DNC and the RNC have said our vote does not count because they are private clubs. And they are proving it everyday. According to the Constitution we are the government and our representatives and the president are public servants, THEY HAVE FORGOTTEN WHAT THE WORD SERVANT MEANS. Our representatives and presidents status is lower than any US citizens, they are supposed to listen to us and protect our security and economy, other words our way of life. Look at voting, has it changed the way this country is headed? People we need to change it, our government will not listen. The only way they will change is for us to show them we are fed up with this. We need nation wide walk outs to start with, hit them in the pocketbook, that may get their attention. Then if that does not work we need then we need to do it some other way. By a show of force in the streets. If that does not work then there is no other way but to arm ourselves and take back our country and reinstate the Constitution and our freedoms because this government has become TOTALITARIAN.

  • Robert Bledsoe

    I wonder what these idoits will do when they hand the election to Hillary, with all the immigrants they are letting into this country we will only have one party and it will not GOP. Surely they are not stupid enough to think they will vote GOP and I know they can’t be dump enough to think they can run someone else and win. With all these immigrants and the dem0 in control they can kiss their sorry a** good-bye along with this country. Maybe when have we have Multi-cultural fag over the whitehouse these hair brains will realize they screwed up. These power hungry jerks are like a drug-head only looking for the next fix. Are we to the point in this country that the wish of the people no longer count. (YES) just power and money.

  • Kathy

    The people will be watching these scunbag politicians republicans at the convention. If they try to go against the people’s will I will not vote any of these assholes in and will tell anyone I talk to including social media about it . I don’t want to Evan hear anything about the Foreigner Cruz. And Hillary should be in prison along with Obama and 99 percent of congress.

  • Front Sight

    In 1954, Nakita Khrushchev, told the United States, “We will not bury you from out side your country. You will bury yourselves from within.”
    I never thought it would happen, in my time; however, it looks like the progressives (what used to be called the “American Communist Party”) are going to accomplish what Nakita promised.

  • don lavrich

    if this happens, we the people will get rid of them the next time they are up for election, and Hillary will be the next prez!

  • David Byrd

    The party will be over for these establishment rinos there won’t be a party to resurrect the end of the GOP will be done by these clowns themselves.

  • apzzyk

    The GOP really has not existed as a party since 1980 and the Reagan Democrats – the blue collar male workers who happened to believe his economic promises, which failed to materialize, and now they are the core Trump supporters who actually believe that he can do what he has promised, while the more moderate ones have been yielding to the ones in Congress who are the real extremists. but they have no replacement for the Donald, and so if they change the rules, the Donald will just run as a write in where permitted. leaving the GOP with no viable candidate at all. But enough of the GOP (even the extremists and some of the moderates) have already either endorsed or said that they would vote for him, that their seats in both houses are at risk. Then, there are all of the stunts that the existing congress have pulled such as not hearing the President’s nominee for the Supreme Court, so that we will not have a full court for another 18 months, making it over 2 years since Scalia died. Then there is the on-going issue of the 2nd Amendment, where at 7 to 1 the voters want move control rather than none at all, and, since forever, the social issues.
    CO just got its GOP Senate Candidate this week, who has no name recognition, and almost no campaign money of his own and very little support from the super PAC’s, and his big issue so far seems to be the ACA which happens to be very popular in CO with the Medicaid extension that was included, and, again the social issues and the 2nd Amendment, and then too he is Black, but my also Black son in law and grand kids and white daughter are not going for him, and neither are the hispancs because of his stance on immigration.
    Face it, the GOP, whether Conservative or Moderate are going to get their asses kicked in November, and we may actually be able to get something done, if there is enough left of the Federal Government to salvage. The Vets do not like the idea of the Privatization of the VA which has been put forth, and is the reason why it does not function – the money not appropriated by the house that kills and maims vets. A new and Democratic Congress and President may just do the smart thing and take VA Healthcare out of the discretionary budget where it has belonged for over 30 years.

  • boomer3844

    We will be voting for Trump. Rinos can go to hell with the rest of Satan’s Spawn.

  • Joe Toland

    If they do this I for one will change to Independent. If the delagates don’t vote like the people they represent, what is the point of voting? I’m sick of American politics…….

  • Al Simmons

    The GOP establishment would rather see their buddies the Democrats get in, than Trump. The have been enabling the Dems for years. It’s a one party system, and has been for years.

  • Maxine Smith

    All these people are not wanting Trump because all their treasonist acts will be made public and they will lose their power and gravy train. I can tell you now that if they continue THEY will destroy the GOP party not the people. There must really be something going on behind the veil they have hidden behind. I wonder if they are really Republican. Are they just Democrats in disguise? They sure act like it. I for one will not vote anyone that is in office now back in when their time comes to vote for them again. They have showed their true colors. Every morning I get up and I say my prayers and I ask God to open people’s eyes to the actual truth behind these people, these deceivers, and to protect us from our enemies within our own government and from our enemies without. I know and believe that God will not let this stand. Any person that is a true Christain knows that God would not approve of his (Cruz) actions. This man is demented just like Killary. He has become obsessed with becoming POTUS to the point that he will lie, cheat and steal to win. I will say it again, he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and his aim is to change America into the North America Union. These people are doing everything to instill the New World Order throughout the world. You will have your dictators and your workers that will have to work for what they will deside to give you. The American Dream will be lost forever. Our children and our grandchildren and their children will be slaves to the elitist. We have to stop this now. I feel sorry for those people that will destroy their children’s lives and sentence them to world slavery. You will have to live with that for the rest of your lives and they will have to live with it too. Shame on every one of you.

  • Bobbie Taylor

    If they succeed in dumping Trump after the people have selected him, that is the end of the Republican Party. I think that is their goal. I would never vote for their substitute. Bill Crystal’s father was a well known Communist and I don’t think the apple fell far from the tree. He is one of the leaders against Trump. They call Crystal a neocon.

  • Sharon Kern