Hundreds Join GOP Insider Conference Call – Look What They’re Doing Now

gopIt seems as if momentum is gaining.
And if it’s true and it does happen, things are going to get real ugly at the Republican convention.
GOP insiders are lining up support to oppose Donald Trump’s nomination.
About 1,000 Republicans nationwide participated in a conference call Sunday night discussing the effort to prevent Donald Trump from getting the Republican presidential nomination at the party’s convention next month, according to organizers.
The figure would represent a sharp rise from the roughly three dozen people who were said to have taken part in a similar call last week, according to CNN. News outlets were unable to independently confirm the number of people on the call.
An organizer estimated that about 250 of the people on the latest call were delegates to the Republican convention.
Republicans wary of nominating Trump are looking to change convention rules, allowing delegates to become unbound. They want rules that would allow delegates to vote for which ever candidate the like, instead of in line with results of state caucuses and primaries.
Organizers on the call encouraged participants to start “traditional grassroots campaigning” for the idea, such as writing letters to the editor, according to ABC News.
Make no mistake, the GOP power elite do not want Trump as the nominee.
This is far from over.
If the GOP dumps Trump, what do you feel will happen to the Republican Party?

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