Hundreds of Americans Join ISIS – The Response from DHS Will Leave You Speechless

homeland securityFor over a decade we’ve been fighting the War on Terrorism.

We’ve spent trillions.

Thousands of Americans have been killed or wounded in the fight.

Yet, what happens to United States citizens who joined to fight with the extremists, such as ISIS, in The Middle East conflict zone?

Over 25,000 foreign fighters have traveled to the battlefield to enlist with Islamist terrorist groups, including at least 4,500 Westerners. More than 250 individuals from the United States have also joined or attempted to fight with extremists in the conflict zone.

“These fighters pose a serious threat to the United States and its allies. Armed with combat experience and extremist connections, many of them are only a plane-flight away from our shores,” it adds. “Even if they do not return home to plot attacks, foreign fighters have taken the lead in recruiting a new generation of terrorists and are seeking to radicalize Westerners online to spread terror back home.”

“Of the hundreds of Americans who have sought to travel to the conflict zone in Syria and Iraq, authorities have only interdicted a fraction of them,” the report acknowledges. “Several dozen have also managed to make it back into America.”

Wouldn’t any United States citizen or citizen from another European country who joins to fight with ISIS be placed on a high alert watch list?

A policy that fails to fully vet these people prior to re-entry into the United States is clearly a failed policy.

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    The Muslims living in America are not Americsns- never will be- they’re here try to takeover – most are probably Obama imports – Don’t forget the isis commander is supposedly here hiding probably in the WH-*the rest of the isis Terrorist will be back -* they’re running from Russian troops like scared rabbits

    • Oldvet

      Because Putin doesn’t do politically correct !

    • Marianne

      And Obama has the Muslim Brotherhood infiltrated into our government. 2016 can’t come soon enough!! We want our country back!!!

      • Lee

        You can bet he will find a reason to declare martial law within the next year.

  • Doc

    You want to join? Have at it. Don’t come back.

  • The Fox

    Leave it to a Islamist Immoral Homosexual Illegal President from Kenya to turn his back on the U.S. and allow his brother and sister terrorist into the country he hates. DHS is a joke on the people, they say God fearing people who own guns are the terrorist while the Islamist invade this country each day from Mexico and just plain fly here from where ever. This Marine of 12 years will live free or die free and take as many God haters with me as I can, so go for it Islamist satan worshiping nut jobs, have plenty of ammo and need more free targets.

    • R. T.

      You also forgot to mention anyone who believes in the Constitution is labeled a domestic terrorist ! When the ones that don’t believe in the Constitution are the terrorists !!!!!! WITH YOU BROTHER !

    • You are right, I agree with you. But Obama could not do anything with out the full cooperation of the Congress and the Senate. They want the same thing Obama wants the destruction of the USA.

      • The Fox

        I agree the Senate and Congress want to be the masters of the plantation of all races and colors and could care less about those who elected them.

  • mannasage

    How many of these terrorists are Muslims or illegals? Muslims & there many Mosques try to down play the obvious, but the Obama clueless or in cahoots, which?

    • Town Crier


  • shamu9

    Targets of opportunity! 90% of ’em are of the Preferred Recipient Race !

  • robert

    to dhs just put out a public list of all those americans names,who have joined they our now a threat to all legal american veterans/citizens.and while your out it.all those muslums who you call americans,have they pledged alligence to the flag of the united states of america.or is that another oversight{ha ha}on this ovomit/satan unconstitituional the so called asst police chief women in miami,who would not pledge alliegence or put her hand over her heart,during the pledge of alligence,and this is the miami women police asst chief,who is a police officer.because we the people haven,t trusted our government in many when the democraps and some republicans vote against not defunding sanctuary cites,who by the way our allowing illegals{means against the law}aliens to stay in these cities,and nothing is done about them with the shooting and crimes against we the people,what our we to think about our politicans,who our suppose to represent us.but a news flash politicans,we no longer believe or trust many of you any the books the muslum mfia and adios america.god bless all legal american veterans/citizens.

    • NotJim

      Time to take a Remedial English or ESL course.

  • BJM2

    You are all going off the deep end. First of all, DHS was formed by Bush, NOT Obama. So, his people set the rules by which they do their job. Do you really think that as a whole, they would not say a word if our President really told them to not do their job? That would mean that all Americans are terrorists, including you wanting to attack with guns anyone who disagrees with you. Who are you going to blame after 2016?

    • disqus_b6XOqz4VzM

      It is true that DHS was firmed by Bush, but Obama has run it for the past seven years.

  • Doc

    DHS probably funded their transportation.

  • sharon

    The scum are not Americans once they join ISIS they are just scum terrorists Muslim trash.

  • sharon

    America has a Muslim pile of trash to pretend to be our President.

  • sharon

    Impeach the traitor Obama

  • Ohio Fats

    The people involved in this atrocity to liberty are purely traitors to the U.S.A. Line them up against a wall and I’ll be happy to join the firing squad. Close The Borders!

  • FAITH47


  • Rodney Steward

    Death to all that go and fight with ISIS or any other terrorist cult group!

    • Alex Ferguson

      Especially the USMC!

      • Rodney Steward

        U have something against our military? Do U think they want to be there, some on their 3rd and 4th tour, I know they don’t. I have family there now, they hate it, they hate Obama, and hate the muslim cult. Don’t feel this way about our troops, they’re just following orders from the black house!

        • RC

          Somehow I don’t think you got Alex Ferguson’s point. He wants OUR people to die while fighting ISIS. If I’m right, that piece of trash should go join ISIS, NOW! He might find that when people shoot at him he could go to Allah and spend the rest of eternity in Hell with the rest of the Muslim trash.

      • crazycur

        Where do you live?

  • RC

    It seems to me that the reason so many are joining ISIS is because that bunch of lowlifes are winning. Some want the adventure and excitement of being the victors. IF, and that is a BIG IF, we get another president who’s willing to fight, ISIS will start losing and many will start dying. Then those “heroes” who joined ISIS will come running home with their tails between their legs because they’ll then realize that war isn’t all that much fun after all. They should all be stopped at the border and told to go back to their wonderful ISIS. Of course I personally have this very uneasy feeling that Obama will find some underhanded crooked way to stay in office. From things I’ve read, he’s already taken the first steps to do that. I really hope I’m wrong.

    • Town Crier

      All he has to do is have an “emergency”, declare martial law, cancel elections and declare himself king… Bing-bam-boom, he’s in for life. When he declares martial law, the jihadists take over, behead every Christian and Jew they can find, convery all the churches to Mosques, and he’s pulled his Hitler act.

      • RC

        Damn! I’m glad I’m not the only one who realizes that.

  • Rodney Steward

    England has really made some major changes, finally now that muslims have almost taken over. They’ve stopped all that leave from coming back, shut down several mosque, and starting to disrupt so of the no go zones that have become to large. I think they’ve started waking up to these infidels.

  • Jack Black

    Department of Homeland Security sounds like something Hitler would come up with! The name just makes me cringe.

  • Walter Flatt


    • Rodney Steward

      What’s left of it. Obama’s depleted a big part of it, and wants our military as weak as the people of this country. And yes, so his private army he’s building can fight us!

  • Drake Travis

    Hitler said he would rid the Jews, the public didn’t believe him. Barry Soetoro said he would side with the Muslim world…and the liberals pretended not to notice. Those who did notice are tagged racists.

  • M.S. Yrizarry

    Truly, my heart goes out to those who believe the magic show is real. Look, no one is going to “take over” America, or cause any problem(s) that have not been preapproved script! The congress and senate would never allow an outside force to have the opportunity to take their homes away, “hey”, they live here too and you don’t see them leaving like rats from a sinking ship do you? There are many good men and women who swore to defend this nation from all threats, both foreign and domestic, within our country’s, and outside of our country’s, borders. If, and I mean only if we were going to suffer a catastrophic disaster, it would with all due likelihood be an internal one. Not even an insane sandman would seriously try and take on this nation. If any of you really desire to make a “positive” difference, then get out and vote, but research each candidate thoroughly and make absolutely sure whom you are backing for the next term. Apply yourselves to knowing the political agenda better than the candidates themselves. It isn’t quick and requires self-discipline, hard work, and a whole lot of self-control, but it’s doable. Intelligence overrides raw muscle when playing chess!

    • Town Crier

      Oh you poor uninformed child. America has already fallen off the cliff and within a little over a year will crash into the sea when Obummer declares a disaster, (probably when “someone” wipes out our power grid with an EMP) and WW-III starts, so we’ll get martial law and the Muslims start thier nationwide jihad & Obama declares himself King, (a la Adolph Hitler)!. (This is one of several likely scenarios but they are all B-A-D and they all end the same!) Hopefully you will pull your head of of the sand and stop believing that CBS, (& the rest of the mainline media) are telling you the whole truth while there us still time!

  • autrypma

    Why would ANYONE want to fight with ISIS. Why would any REAL AMERICAN want to join and fight with ISIS? This is beyond reasoning, but SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE TO SAVE THIS COUNTRY.

  • James in Texas

    The DHS is a Islamist support agency, and a price will be paid for their treason, Period! Looking to the McCarthy issues in the 1950’s, I now believe that “Old Joe” was right, Communism has taken over our Federal Government.

  • Michael Valgos

    I just read the message from The Fox, and R T, and to The Fox Semper Fi. That fact is that you are both right, but you forgot to add that Obama is a no good son of a bitch, and on top of that his wife is a slut. I am a disabled Marine veteran of ten years, and it hurts so bad to see what Obama has done, and doing to this country. This this punk needs to choke on his fucking prayer rug.

  • Renee Baber

    I’ve been saying this for years…All we hafta do, is plant pigs everywhere they live, near EVERY mosque…ANYWHERE they are…Soon enough, there will be NO holy ground in America for them to build ANYTHING!!! {Oh & there are NO laws (in America), that says you can not plant pigs}…
    Oh and have a couple naked women walking around, just to ice the cake…Just to have them lost their minds….

    • Town Crier

      Texas is overrun by feral hogs – no hunting license required! Go shoot all you want, haul ’em to every mosque in the country & dump ’em on the doorsteps! put a little bacon on the door handle while you are at it! :-}

  • Marianne

    I like what Donald Trump said. Those who leave America to join ISIS Will have their passports denied and not be allowed back in the country!

  • No, none of these people, who come to America and have duel citizenship have any loyalty to the United States. One reason is Professors of hate America. Another is becasue of the Muslims Imams who hate America and Christianity and Jews, another is our White/Negro President who hates all the White people and Jews and whit the full help of the Demo-rats ( Traitors like communist Bernie Sanders, Chuck Shumer, Feinstein, Reid, Pelosi) and the Traitor old Guard Republicans (Bush?Rove New World Order People) giving Obama all the money he wants to throw away and work against our Country to destroy it before 2016, so Obama can be ruler of our 3rd world ex free country and no longer exist. That is why as Michel Savage says Obama is having our country invaded by all the Hispanics, who are mostly all criminals turned loose by their countries to come to the USA. And now the invasion of a couple hundred thousand of Syrians, and in that bunch are Terrorist. When they get here with no skills and we have no jobs they go on the Government payroll. Where are they going to live for free? You know all those homes that the dummies let the Government give them a “Reverse Mortgage”. They will be pout into those homes because the Government owns them and then through the people into the street.

  • The Watchman

    There are no true Americans who travel to enlist and fight with ISIS. Simply being born here does not make someone an American. Ask any illegal alien and I don’t mean Mexican illegals only, I mean Muslim illegals and any other invader who has a child here so they might suck off the system, that was established to help true Americans. Birthright does not an American make.

  • Patriot47

    Why would queen skippy move to restrict part of the queen’s private army?

  • Burton Pauly

    Those who join the so-called isis aren’t true citizens of our nation. They are misfits who are abetted by our democratic party as a whole.. If they are citizens of our nation then they should be exiled, or deported from our society.. No true citizen would abet the criminal acts that these illegitimates are subjecting those who don’t agree with them to….

    • Town Crier

      The NICEST thing I can say about them is that they are TRAITORS who should be SHOT AT SUNRISE!

  • edorr1atcoxdotnet

    Everytime a resident of this country goes to Syria, Iraq or wherever to fight against us they should lose their US Citizenship immediately and if they attempt to re-enter the US find themselves facing a 21 gun firing range with themselves as the target.

  • Town Crier

    For Obummer, the more the merrier – after all, he is inviting them into the country wholesale, what’s a few hundred more “hometown kids” to attack us – to kill loyal Americans? And being (EX) Americans, they are familiar with this country & our society – they can blend in until they go jihad on us! Yep, that suits the head jihadist in the W.H. just fine! Hopefully they will be the first ones shot when TSHTF!!!

  • Joevet

    DHS has turned into a joke the man at the top doesn’t know security he was put in place by Obama that tell you anything, Congress and the Senate are use less , here’s what a Senator Gillibrand (D)from NY thinks is important make a gay bar in New York city a national park don’t remember the name maybe Blackstone not sure , Senator Schumer (D) talking on TV about caffeine in peanut butter this was after the last Paris attacks both think Obama is the cat’s ass they think so much of him, whats this country coming to