“I Fear Hillary’s Record…” – One of Hillary’s Hollywood BFFs Breaks Up

-I Fear Hillary s Record... One of Hillary s Hollywood BFFs Breaks UpA long-time Hollywood liberal, and past huge supporter and even BFF of Hillary Clinton has major concerns.

Yep, Susan Sarandon is breaking up with Hillary.

Sarandon fears Hillary’s record and support of war.

Here’s Sarandon’s interview with Stephen Colbert:

“I’m more afraid of Hillary Clinton’s war record and hawkishness than I am of building a wall.” – Susan Sarandon

There’s plenty more to fear about Hillary.

Yes, her hawkish positions are a concern, probably more for those on the left such as Sarandon.

Without a doubt, Hillary would be a disaster in The White House.

It would be the worst mix of a twisted Progressive agenda to gain votes, a support of war and crony capitalism to reward her financial backers, a full frontal assault from Republicans who simply despise the woman…

And as a bonus, we get Bill back.

What do you most fear about Hillary in The White House?

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