“I Fear Hillary’s Record…” – One of Hillary’s Hollywood BFFs Breaks Up

-I Fear Hillary s Record... One of Hillary s Hollywood BFFs Breaks UpA long-time Hollywood liberal, and past huge supporter and even BFF of Hillary Clinton has major concerns.

Yep, Susan Sarandon is breaking up with Hillary.

Sarandon fears Hillary’s record and support of war.

Here’s Sarandon’s interview with Stephen Colbert:

“I’m more afraid of Hillary Clinton’s war record and hawkishness than I am of building a wall.” – Susan Sarandon

There’s plenty more to fear about Hillary.

Yes, her hawkish positions are a concern, probably more for those on the left such as Sarandon.

Without a doubt, Hillary would be a disaster in The White House.

It would be the worst mix of a twisted Progressive agenda to gain votes, a support of war and crony capitalism to reward her financial backers, a full frontal assault from Republicans who simply despise the woman…

And as a bonus, we get Bill back.

What do you most fear about Hillary in The White House?

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  • The Fox

    Who cares what the elites of dollywood think, they are spoiled brats without a brain cell one.

    • Mac

      Your point might have more credibility if you didn’t sound so damned stupid.

      • The Fox

        How many degree’s do you have all knowing one?

    • mustang6984

      Uh…Dollywood is Dolly Parton’s place in Tennessee…please don’t ruin her reputation in using that reference to Billary.
      Try Hollyweird instead…more fitting.

      • The Fox

        Sorry about that, will call it homowood from now on. Thanks for the heads up.

        • mustang6984

          Well…that would work…but Hollyweird has been an accepted form of description for that sewer for years. It covers the perverts, weirdos and freaks all at once.
          It is a cess pool!

          • The Fox

            Amen to that.

  • game50

    I fear more of the same PC,BS, keeping American down,, Muslim killing us, Illegal getting things for doing nothing,taken away our Legal Right to haven a Gun, staying divide and not united and selling more of Our Top Secret away to countries that want to do us harm.

  • Dana Cole


    • mustang6984

      Billary…can go to hell!

  • Jane Duke

    I don’t care what people with money think, that’s all they are and their shit stinks just as bad as everyone else’s. It’s a shame people hold stars up as little “gods”, they prove how ignorant they are when their mouth opens. Hillary? She’s gotta get knocked off her high horse

    • mustang6984

      Preferably with one foot still in a stirrup as the horse is at full gallop!

  • Roger

    Hilary has at least 60 murders from her blood stained hands. It would be nice if someone paid her and willie boy back.

  • fighter for freedom

    It’s the international banker coalition that she gets on bended knee for just like oshamo did when bowing to the Saudi prince, putin and Xi – the same banking coalition that has financed all wars for fun and profit which decreases the number of “useful idiots” that they need to appear to represent which simply eat into their profits b/c now they have to feed and house you which is not as profitable as war – but, after any war is over, they made their money and no longer need you.

  • used_to_be_a_liberal

    Is this part of the Clinton Strategy? I tend to think that it is. The left-wits make up no more then 20% of total Democrats. These left-wits, are also made up of the “useful” idiot crowd, of which most gravitated towards Commie Bernie, then jumped back and forth between the Hilda-Beast and Commie Bernie. The Clintons had planned on moving towards the centre, as they need the other 80% of the democrats, and as many Republicans who don’t like Trump as they can get, or they simply don’t win the White House. They also plan on using the same Tactics that Slick Willy used to get elected. For this they are willing to throw those 20% of left-wits, useful idiots under the bus. This would give the impression that the Clintons are not that far left, and even if they insult Obama and his so-called legacy, they make themselves to look like an ok safe bet. So far they are actually on their way to making this plan work. Slick Willy has given a tongue lashing to black lives matter, that got him points on the conservative side, and now this. We are going to see a lot more of this as time goes by. It is by no means a slip of the tongue, it is deliberate, and calculated.

    • mustang6984

      Except there have been several polls that showed a large number of Democrats would die before voting for her. Many of Bernie’s younger supporters have told pollsters they would never vote for Billary because they see her to be untrustworthy. Which she is, given that she is a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR!
      So if Bernie supporters can’t stomach her, then they will either NOT vote…or they will vote for Trump.

  • ronniecanoli

    HRC likes to surround herself with minorities in her campaign commercials ,she claims to be a New Yorker ,& is far from that. She’s a transplant gone terribly wrong from Little Rock. I have live all my life in NYC ,& I can tell you she has done absolutely NOTHING for us. Her & slick Willie move here to be close to her pal’s in WALL STREET ,& could give a RATZAZZ about anyone but themselves. This Country has had a belly full of their BULL. TRUMP will get us back on track ,& will stop the continuation of the “o”bambanation circus . If this self serving individual get’s in ,WE as a NATION are totally done for. Just because she is a female ,is absolutely NO REASON to VOTE for her,that in itself is inane ,& insane. PLEASE AMERICA..WAKE UP OUT of this eight year “o”coma… Thank You…

    • Karen Lee King

      You are absolutely right. Hildabeast has already said that if she gets elected president (God forbid!), that she was going to take up where Odumbo left off. Say NO to Clinton, and say YES YES YES to DONALD TRUMP!!!!

      • ronniecanoli

        Billary has proven that ,just like her RACIST BOSS ,that , ” The GREATER the POWER ,the more DANGEROUS the ABUSE “, “o”‘s legacy in a nutshell . TRUMP 2016 is exactly what we mean.

        • Karen Lee King

          Sho Nuff!! I’m right there with you on this! 🙂

  • James Allen Wyatt

    “FEAR” is a most unhealthy ‘attitude’, it is a mindset, and attitude, a frame of mind as it were to be strictly avoided; especially in this day and time when a ‘cool, level head’ is what is sorely needed; completely free of panic which frar almost invariable engenders.
    Fear is considered to be one of the root causes of the ‘cops gone wild’ being witnessed throughout this nation; that fear mindset coupled with the ‘bullying’ attitude that had it beginning in childhood and demonstrated on the school grounds and which ‘bloomed to full measure’ in adulthood.
    “Fear” is the exact opposite of “Confidence”; Confidence the attitude that is present only when one has genuinely sought to prepare as best one can to avoid the calamities that are seen as potentially looming in the near future for us.
    It is not that fear can be totally avoided; it is just that when ‘the whine of bullets’ are experienced and our life is in the balance, fear to some degree is a natural feeling but it has the ability to render one nearly helpless whereas confidence that is based on our experience and training as well as the primary factor of knowing that, regardless of the outcome in whatever adverse circumstance we are facing, we make that most important free-will decision of surrender our all; our Soul, Mind and Body to our Triune God through Our Lord Jesus Christ’s Blood Sacrifice on the Cross in full and final payment of the sins of each of us who totally surrender and accept His Payment made in behalf of each of us.

  • Jayhawk Gail

    Gun control, and SC apointee

  • Michael Valgos

    Hillary is nothing more than a vote whore. She is willing to give our country away just for more money to buy more votes. Hillary is just as good a liar as Obama ever been. So she will say anything for a vote, or money, and they both are entwined in regards to Hillary Clinton. I just cannot understand how anyone could support her? She has lied, and lied, she has gotten people killed, and she lied. The 4 men that were murdered by the Islamic Brotherhood could have been me, or you, or any citizen that were killed, and it was her fault. She has not, and will never take responsibility for what she caused. She is pure poison. This is the only thought that comes to mind about this lunatic bitch.

    • Karen Lee King

      Yeah. The Bengazi murders. When she was asked about them her reply was, “What difference does it make?!?” SMH

  • mustang6984

    Ah…Billary! The mother of ISIS…the woman who gave Putin back his balls…the nut-job who is more well known for being a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR than for ANY accomplishments as a Senator or as a SoS.

    With Billary in the White house, we wil be attacked…and it will not be some 9-11 scenario…it will be on a much larger scale…and will be the trigger for WWIII..and much of the war…will be fought here on our own truf. One can only hope that if that happens…it is BEFORE she figures out a way to strip American citizens of their right to own and carry arms…one of her favorite wet dreams.

    But the most devastating thing to fear about Billary is the decades of damage she will still be doing to this country even after she is worm food. The destruction of the SCOTUS with the 2-4 appointees she will have at her disposal over the next 4 years.

    A Billary Presidency will be the basis for the unhinging of America, with the lower 48 breaking apart and being replaced by at least 3 countries…one Conservative and two small liberal ones. IF we survive the World War she will bring to our doorstep.

  • ICU

    She is an absolute MORON! Hillery is a Criminal and Sanders is a Communist, how can she call herself a patriot and keep a straight face?

  • ramrod

    Hillary should be the PMS poster women for the United States.She is on the rag all the time.That is why so many women like her.And that is why we should never vote for a women to run our country.Unforgiving and pissed off 95% of the time about small stuff.Women can not get along with each other and are at war most of the time.If you ever worked around women you know what I mean.Hillary wants to be a man and hates men.It should be great to be a women,but not any more,They want it all.

  • mofaki

    Hitler,Stalin,Pol Pot,Idi Amin And Mao all wrapped up in one.