If You LOVE No Change, Vote for This Presidential Candidate

change-671376_640When you strip away everything Hillary Clinton says, and look at what she would actually DO as President, only one conclusion is possible.

No change.

If you still love the policies of Obama, you’re going to love a President Hillary Clinton.

Foreign policy, immigration, economic policy, and yes, even the approach to campaigning are straight from the Obama play book for Hillary.

The Washington Free Beacon reports that even though Obama’s approval rating is sinking fast, the Clinton campaign believes the status quo is the formula for winning the White House.

Hillary will apparently try to distinguish herself from Obama while at the same time adopting his campaign strategy, which emphasized mobilizing the liberal base over persuading undecided voters. Maybe liberal voters will be as excited for Hillary as they were for Obama, and turn out in sufficient numbers to propel her to victory. Maybe not. Certainly, the American public has never had such disregard from Obama’s honesty and trustworthiness. Maybe that won’t matter.

The Clinton campaign apparently thinks that portraying Hillary as a “fighter” is a good way to present a contrast with Obama, as if her experience and ruthless approach to politics will somehow be enough overcome the fact that Republicans control Congress and are likely to remain in power (at least in the House) for years to come.

On policy, Hillary really hasn’t proposed anything that Obama wouldn’t propose if he was running  for third term himself. Pretending to sort of oppose him on trade doesn’t count. She supports his (legally dubious) efforts to reform the immigration system through executive action, but has promised to do it harder. Like Obama, she wants to make registering to vote easier than attending a Hillary Clinton campaign event.

Four or eight more years of Obama?


The only change Hillary would deliver is making history as the first female President and the oldest Democrat President.

We must demand better.

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