Illegal Immigrants Just Got Lucky in This Big State

CA HighwayIn 2013 California Democratic Governor Jerry Brown signed a law allowing anyone who can prove he or she is a resident of California to apply for a drivers license, regardless of immigration status.

Effective in January 2015, California began issuing licenses to illegal immigrants, becoming the 10th state in the country to do so. Applicants can prove residency with rental agreements or by presenting bills. They must also provide some proof of identity, such as a passport.

California has more illegal immigrants than any other state, with about 2.45 million. Officials expect more than a million applications.

Advocates say the new law will make the roads safer and prompt more drivers to get car insurance. Opponents worry it will lure more people to enter the country illegally. They are also concerned some applicants will use false names, heightening national security vulnerability.

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