Illegal immigration drops to 17-year low

Department of Homeland Security officials recently announced that the number of recorded illegal Mexican border crossings has fallen by 72 percent since December, the last month before President Donald Trump took office. The number of people caught illegally crossing the border fell to 12,000 in March, the lowest monthly total in 17 years.

Some commentators, including Univision’s Jorge Ramos, have credited Trump’s tough talk on immigration throughout the campaign as the reason for the decline.

Wednesday on “Pat & Stu,” the guys worried that the decline in illegal crossings would be temporary while Mexican nationals wait to see how U.S. immigration policies evolve under Trump before deciding whether to risk an illegal entry. If no significant action is taken by the Trump team, Stu argued, many of these would-be immigrants may eventually find their way across the border.

Still, Stu was pleased with the initial progress on stemming the tide of illegal immigration:


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