Iran Gives Death Penalty for ‘Insulting the Prophet’

Sina Dehghan was 19 years old when the Iranian Revolutionary Guards arrested him at a military barracks in Tehran where he was a conscript on guard duty in October 2015. He and two co-defendants were charged with “posting anti-Islamic content on social media,” according to the Center for Human Rights in Iran.

More specifically, the trio was charged with “insulting the Prophet” and “insulting the Supreme Leader of Iran” with text messages, per the UK Daily Mail. Evidently, insulting the Supreme Leader only gets you 16 months in jail but insulting Mohammed is a capital offense. The Center for Human Rights in Iran notes that if a person accused of insulting Mohammed claims his words were due to “anger” or a “mistake,” the court can reduce the sentence to 74 lashes instead of death.

Dehghan was sentenced to death, even though the CHRI says he was told he would receive a pardon if he confessed to his “crimes” and repented of his actions. The Center notes he only had four days remaining in his military service at the time of his arrest.

A source told the CHRI:

Security and judicial authorities promised Sina’s family that if they didn’t make any noise about his case, he would have a better chance of being freed, and that talking about it to the media would work against him. Unfortunately, the family believed those words and stopped sharing information about his case and discouraged others from sharing it as well.

One of his co-defendants was given a seven-year prison sentence reduced to three years on appeal, while the other, Mohammad Nouri, has also been sentenced to death.

According to the UK Independentthe exact content of the messages sent by the three defendants on the Line messaging application has not been made public.

Dehghan has been held in the notorious Arak prison where a source told the CHRI he is “suffering from depression and often cries.” The source also said Dehghan is “held in a ward with drug convicts and murderers who broke his jaw a while ago.”

He is running out of options to escape the death sentence, which was upheld by the Iranian Supreme Court in January. In an interview on March 28th, Dehghan’s lawyer said a request for judicial review of his sentence has been filed.


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            Unlike most of its neighbors, Iran has the required assets to rid itself and the rest of us of this nightmare. With a three-millennium-history, history rich with civilized governance and cultural heritage, the Iranian people have orchestrated three major revolutions over the past century with the hope of instituting a secular government. In 1906, 1953, and the 1979 revolutions, the people of Iran pursued, but for multitudes of reasons, never fully secured secular democratic rule. In neither of these democratic uprisings, did a foreign power play a constructive role. However, in this vacuum Islam has violently wrested control from the people and is now exporting their radical brand of Islam through out the middle east under the self proclaimed ‘divine Caliph Khomeini’. While I admire this history, and support the secular movement within Iran they are now close to obtaining nuclear warheads and it is no longer a matter of standing back waiting on the good people of Iran to retake control of their government. As was the case in the 30’s with Hitler it is time the world and Iran brace themselves for what must be done. It will require a sustained military effort to defeat and eliminate radical Islam within the middle east. Iran is, I’m sorry to say, an Arab dominated culture and has been since the Arab invasion and conquest of the 6th century. Yes, the Persians we would like to believe still exsist within Iran are now 1500 years old. While sectarians do exist in Iran they are a closeted minority with no chance of winning against the Islamic State. I pity them but we cannot continue to stand by and allow the cancer that is centered within Iran to spread throughout the middle east and now the world.

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