Is Jeb Bush Perverted?

19434243732_d7784af210_oJeb Bush loves watching you.

He wants to watch more of what you’re doing.

Is Jeb Bush some kind of creepy stalker?


One thing is for sure:

Jeb Bush doesn’t care about protecting your personal privacy rights.

He wants to increase the surveillance of all Americans.

Jeb Bush may be the little brother to George Bush, but remarks in South Carolina recently made him sound more like Big Brother to John Q. Public.

Bush argued that the government requires broader surveillance powers in an effort to deal with “evildoers.”  He also stated that he hopes Congress will revisit the changes recently made to the Patriot Act that killed NSA bulk phone data collection.

Without a doubt, striking a balance between gathering intelligence to fight terrorism while protecting privacy rights of American citizens is a delicate balancing act.

It’s an area in which many conservatives disagree.

The libertarian leaning conservatives believe The Patriot Act and government surveillance power goes too far.

Other conservatives feel the threat of terrorism is real and must be fought with all the tools available, even if it means sacrificing some basic privacy rights.

What do you say?

Should we be willing to sacrifice fundamental freedoms to fight evildoers?

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