Is Ted Cruz Unelectable? His Family Speaks Out. Senator Ted Cruz is the first declared candidate of the 2016 presidential race, and with $4 million in the first two weeks of the campaign, he is already breaking fundraising records. In spite of that, however, pundits are lining up to say he is unelectable. They say he is too conservative.

At a recent tour of the opening of Cruz campaign headquarters in Houston, the Senator’s family responded, calling that conclusion a false reality. Breitbart News reports:

“With the power of ‘We The People’ we will see Ted Cruz as the next president of the United States of America,” Rafael Cruz [Ted’s father] said. “Ted and his wife and his mother and myself, we appreciate greatly your support and I’ll tell you something: You will not be disappointed. He knows who he works for and he works for ‘We The People’ and in spite of the establishment in both parties it is ‘We The People’ who will put him in the White House so that working men and women across America will have a voice in Washington, D.C.”

Rafael Cruz, perhaps the senator’s best surrogate, spoke for another seven minutes before Ted Cruz’s wife came on stage.

“Thank you for the amazing welcome home,” Heidi Cruz said as she took the podium with the senator, to thunderous applause. “We’ve had a fabulous launch week and there’s nothing better than being home and we’re so grateful for your commitment, your time and your treasure for taking on this great cause – what is really a movement – that is not about us. It’s about changing our country. There’s nothing that makes me prouder than to join forces with all of you – an incredible team. I’ll tell you, being on the road last week with Ted, I was reminded like I was so many times over the past 15 years just how good this guy is.”

The crowd roared in response. Heidi went on to say she values how much her husband really cares, that he believes deeply in his cause. She told the crowd they were proud to stand together with them.

Heidi then handed the mic to the senator, who began by saying, “God Bless Texas!” Then he told his listeners what he thinks about all the negative predictions:

“The fact that you are here suggests to me that you don’t read the New York Times,” Cruz said. “Because the New York Times said we cannot win because apparently I am out of favor with the Washington elites. I have to admit I wanted to print their article, make 300 million Xeroxes and give one to every American voter. It may be the only time in history I’ve ever agreed with the New York Times.”

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  • Dana Preston

    I LOVE Ted Cruz! the ONLY one that SPEAK the Truth and can turn us around Back to a GREAT Nation. He has GREAT Solutions TOO! I agree with Ted’s Dad. He is so Right!

    • heroay

      BOO!! To RAFAEL-the-son-of-a-Cuban-in-CanaDUH, and you, for supporting an illegal like Obongo the Kenyan, subversive FOR zion (like, ahem… RAFAEL).

      ● [RAFAEL] “ted” Cruz: Natural Born Canadian – (youtube dot com/watch?v=ShjlAiIM3Sg&feature=youtu dot be)
      ● [RAFAEL] “ted” Cruz Booed Off the Stage for Pro-Israel Remarks – (thedailybeast dot com/articles/2014/09/12/christians-enraged-with-cruz-over-israel dot html)

      “And if you say you stand with our friend and ally, the Nation of Israel*, show me where you stood up and fought.” – Cruz [GASP!!]

  • David in MA

    Ted Cruz is but ONE of the candidates who is NOT Constitutionally eligible to be president!

    • heroay

      And i wonder, should he be allowed to operate as a government representative, in spite of being a NON-citizen (Canadian citizen), just because his mother allegedly is an American? Or is it because he IS a zionist ASSET?

      • David in MA

        He should not be a Senator as a Canadian citizen and I believe as such he is not Constitutionally eligible to be president.
        I understand his father is a Cuban national who became a Canadian citizen and his mother did also, Ted Cruz is not Constitutionally eligible to be the American president,
        Neither is Rubio, Jindal, Santorum and maybe others.
        Americans have been dumbed down so badly on our form of government it is a problem, Obama has proven this!

  • Shaymamma8

    Raphael Cruz is just one of the assorted nuts the Republicans are touting as the next president. I cannot wait for the Republican debates, it will certainly be “must see TV”. Get the popcorn ready…..

    • heroay

      RAFAEL (like his CUBAN father), is NOT eligible JUST be-coz he is NOT a NATURAL BORN (BOTH parents Americans, and BORN in AMERICAN SOIL). RAFAEL is as ILLEGAL as Obongo the Kenyan subversive FOR ZION; a smoocher of israHell, pet boy to NuttinYoyo, and darling to AIPAC. OUT!

      And it is NOT “the assorted nuts the Republicans…”, it’s “the distorted nuts the RINOS…”. These are as liberal, progressive, democs, and PRO-israHell, as all the Democs can be.

      • David in MA

        If you would use proper English instead of the ghetto trash talk you would be more convincing, as it is you look like a fool.

        • heroay

          X-cuse me, Pofessa! i will ask your permission next time!… Well, actually, i learned long ago that with MASTERY one can descend to the bottom of the sewer (or ghetto), converse/deal with its inhabitants/squatters, and return to our own LEVEL unscathed and clean…

          Now, Pofessa, WHAT was it that bothered you so much, “subversive for ZION”,”smoocher of israHell”, “pet boy to NuttinYoyo”? “darling to AIPAC”?… Sewer garbage is SUCH that there is no way to ‘soften’ its pestilence. Live with it. And keep your ‘lecture’ for your dumbed-down goy class.

          ● The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America – (Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt)
          ● A guide to Hasbara trolls – (vaticproject.blogspot dot com/2011/11/guide-to-hasbara-trolls dot html)
          ● “The Art Of Being Right” – Thirty Eight Ways to Win when You Are Defeated. – Arthur Schopenhauer, (1896) – Typical Discussion Forum ‘jew’ “Logic”…