Is This the Cover the FBI Needs to Indict Hillary?

hillarygunsWhen will it happen?

What is it going to take?

Even though the Main Stream Media has done its best to avoid talking about the Hillary Clinton email server scandal, the pressure continues to mount on Hillary.

Recently the State Department released its audit of Hillary’s use of her own private email server. It confirmed a number of Hillary’s lies.

Is this State Department Audit now the final piece the FBI needs to have the political cover to indict Hillary?

The scathing audit of Hillary Clinton’s use of a basement email server while secretary of state gives cover to the FBI chief as he weighs whether to push for an indictment against the Democratic presidential front-runner.

The 82-page report leaked yesterday — which found Clinton’s hard drive at her New York home broke federal standards and left sensitive material vulnerable to hackers — makes FBI Director James Comey’s recommendation to Attorney 
General Loretta Lynch that much easier, said GOP consultant Brad Marston.

“It gives Comey additional cover,” Marston said, “and makes it easier for the FBI to recommend to the Justice 
Department to pursue an 

Republican strategist Ford O’Connell said the report helps the FBI’s decision by establishing whether Clinton’s server was attacked by hackers and whether the former secretary of state did keep all her emails on the server.

“If you’re a neutral arbiter like James Comey, you have to say, ‘Hats off. There’s actual proof,’ ” O’Connell said. “It gives him cover if he wants to pursue charges through the Department of Justice.”

The audit by the inspector general of the State Department said the private server was hacked in January 2011 and had to be shut off.

It sure seems that Hillary violated a number of State Department rules.

Even if she violated no actual laws, (unlikely) the audit reveals a person who is reckless and places her own personal needs and convenience above the public she serves.

Is this the kind of person who deserves to be first woman President?

We can do better.


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