ISIS Terrorists Blow Up Brussels – Obama Enters Early Retirement in Cuba

Edit Post ‹ Raise The Flag Report — WordPressWhat’s a lame duck President to do, or say?

ISIS? Terrorism? Bombings? Radical Islam killing innocent people?

Don’t bother me. I’m on vaca with my new Commie buds, the Castro Bros, in Cuba. Then, I’m off for some dancing in Argentina.

That’s pretty much a paraphrase of President Obama’s weak, lame response to the Brussels ISIS bombing:

In South America, President Obama addressed the terrorist attacks in Brussels by going into more detail about his administration’s plan to defeat the murderous group that he’s referred to as the “JV team.” What’s the latest strategy to be implemented in the war against ISIS?

So Obama’s tired, weak response is that we’ll defeat ISIS with some kinda word jujitsu?

You’re not strong. You’re weak.

You’re a girlie man, ISIS.

Yep, that’ll work.

Hey, Obama, why don’t you just stay down there in Cuba or Argentina?

We’ll handle this.

You’re not strong.

You’re weak.

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