It Actually Happened- This One Time When You Knew Hillary Isn’t Lying

hillary truthYes, it’s hard to believe.

Recently, there was an instance where you KNEW Hillary wasn’t lying.

But she didn’t exactly tell the truth either.

It happened in response to one of Rachel Maddow’s softball questions during the staged Democratic “debate”:

“If you had to pick somebody, you had to, from the Republican presidential field this year, to be your vice president — there was a national crisis and there had to be a unity ticket and it was for the good of the nation, and those were your choices. Those 15 men and women. Who would you choose?” Maddow asked.”

Of course, Mrs. Clinton answered in typical fashion.

“Well, I’m going to say whomever I name will really get hurt in the Republican party. So I don’t know if I want to do that,” Clinton responded.

Yeah, I could,” Clinton agreed. “You know, there are Republicans I could pick, just none of them.”

“But for this question, you got to pick one of them,” Maddow continued to press.

“You know, Rachel. I’m not going to pick one of them. I know you are going to be disappointed. I know people are going to say I dodged the question. The fact is, I am dodging. I don’t want to pick any of them.”

Yes, Hillary thanks for clearing that up.

You did dodge the question.

Your honesty is sure refreshing.

Here’s a fact for you come next November, Hillary.

No dodge here.

We don’t want to pick YOU.



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