It’s a Very Easy Choice – Conservatives Must Support Trump Says This Ex-GOP Presidential Candidate

cainConservatives must get a clue and support Trump.

The alternative means disaster.

Not supporting Trump means Hillary Clinton is elected.

This former GOP Presidential candidate. Herman Cain, clearly spells out the reasons why Trump is the only choice for conservatives:

Flaws and all, this is a very easy choice.

In the early going, I wanted Scott Walker. I was loved the full package of a governor successfully implementing conservative policies in a blue state, and having shown the toughness it takes to stand firm when public employee unions practically try to tear the state down in protest. You want a conservative who’s shown he’ll fight and win? You should want Scott Walker.

But you didn’t.

Then I wanted Ted Cruz. Not only is he unafraid to demand action and accountability from the leaders of both parties, but his command of policy matters and his commitment to the Constitution and limited government are without question. The fact that he’s so disliked by the political class is a virtue, not a liability, because their dislike of him stems from the discomfort he makes them feel when he refuses to let them get away with enjoying the trappings of power while refusing to solve the nation’s problems. You want a conservative who’s committed to principle and not just looking to make friends and be popular? You should want Ted Cruz.

But you didn’t.

You wanted Donald Trump because, I guess, you thought he was the better fighter. When you said you were going to oppose the dreaded establishment, you weren’t kidding. You decided to reject all established politicians, even the ones who have done the right things often at a high cost to themselves. You really didn’t care about the sometimes boorish behavior and the, shall we say, sketchy commitment to conservative ideas.

You. Wanted. Trump.

OK, you got him. And while he wasn’t my preference, it would be infantile and counter productive to go into a snit now about what happened during the nominating race. There is only one question that matters, and here it is: Would you rather have Trump as president or Hillary? And for the four reasons I’m about to present to you, the answer is very clearly and obviously Trump.

Yes, Trump may have his flaws.

Yes, conservatives may question his true conservative values.

But, he’s the only person who can, or could, stop Hillary.

None of the other GOP candidates Cain mentioned could do it.

Trump will expose Hillary for what she is.

The choice is clear and obvious.

Trump is, and has been, the only choice to stop Hillary.


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