James Woods Annihilates DACA Scam

If there’s one Hollywood actor on Twitter who’s opinion you can repsect when it comes to politics, it’s James Woods.

Not only is Woods a proud conservative, but the guy has an estimated IQ of 180.

The man ain’t no dummy.

Here’s what Woods is thinking on DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)…
From BizPac Review:

Does Congress have the right to reinstate the program through Constitutional processes? Indeed.

However, and it’s a big hairy however, it’s ALL just a giant smokescreen…

…all of it, and leave it to actor and conservative provocateur James Woods to nail the entire scam in one simple 15-word (if you include the awesome hashtag) tweet:

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source: https://www.youngcons.com/james-woods-annihilates-daca-scam-with-just-1-perfect-tweet-calls-it-voter-fraud/

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  • disqus_v5723Mqspa

    It’s “whose”, not “who’s”.

  • Ranger Rick

    So much for James Woods 180 IQ Lotta good it’s doing to him when he’s on the wrong side of everything that support a bigoted racist Trump administration and penalize kids who had no choice but to be born and brought to here by the parents ! These kids are in college pursuing a career and an education and are going to contribute to our society and already have! Let’s have a sane approach to immigration and a path of legalization for many people that’s the spiritually Just and constitutional way of dealing with the issue ! I have no respect for James 180 IQ: he sure is not using it in an objective manner supporting a racist, bigoted, fear mongering, angry, hateful TRUMP administration and their approach to immigration !
    Let alone supporting all TRUMPS other racist, bigoted policies! By the way to all the Trump supporters: he has nothing for them: less than nothing: TRUMP has nothing in common with any blue-collar worker in fact he bankrupted about 200 contractors due to his bankruptcies! Trump supporting them: it’s a delusion that these Trump voters are hanging onto !
    When he says his base is 30 something percent it’s more like 20% of the population the most unpopular president in the history of the United States with good reason: TRUMPS the most unqualified, inexperienced, mentally unstable and dangerous President ever: everything that the emoluments clause in the Constitution was put there for: to depose a unqualified and dangerous President !
    The founding fathers knew what they’re doing: that’s why that clause in the Constitution: no kings and dictators this is a democracy ! That’s the very thing we fight against; that’s the reason why we had a revolution and that’s reason why we establish the constitution and the United States of America !
    All are created equal with certain in inalienable rights !
    That’s all human beings no matter of color, race, creed, culture or religion:
    Not just White People !

  • 8gary8

    D’Souza states in his 2017 text ‘The Big Lie,’ on page 235, “left-wing fascism…enforces fascist-style conformity through political correctness…(&) the regimentation of thought.” Thus, the question. Are left-wing, fascist not often Soros paid smear artists?