Jeb Bush Shares a Picture of His Gun, His 1-Word Caption Triggers a Flood of Hilarious Responses


When Jeb Bush posted a picture of his gun with his name on it, I bet he never expected it to generate such a flood of responses.

It all started with this picture. Notice the one-word caption: “America.”

Shortly after Jeb posted the picture, Edward Snowden replied with this:

It’s hard to understand why Snowden replied in this way… possibly because he doesn’t feel like guns define America? Or possibly because he dislikes Jeb Bush?

Anyway, after Jeb used a gun to define America, people started posting pictures they feel define their own countries. Pictures like these…

As you can see, most people picked a food dish or landscape to define their country rather than a weapon. (Just between you and me, that Argentina picture is lookin’ pretty nice!)

What do you think about Jeb’s gun picture? Leave a comment below.

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