Judge Sentences Con Man Posing as Vet

A con man who posed as a wounded veteran will have a lot of time to think about his stolen valor, as well as his other crimes.

Fourteen years of time, to be exact.

That’s how long Jeremy Wilson will be behind bars after sentencing in a New York City court on Monday for forgery. Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Neil Ross handed down the harsh sentence after Wilson used his stolen identity as a wounded vet to fraudulently obtain leases for a BMW in Boston and an apartment in New York’s upscale Financial District.

According to the New York Post, prosecutor Diego Diaz said that Wilson “spent his entire adult life devoted to fraud.”

“He claims to have been in a kibbutz in Israel, to have been shot in the head in Africa,” Diaz said. “He continues to perpetuate this fraud.”

Oh, and he also claims to be the illegitimate son of Brian Keenan, the Irish Republican Army leader who died in 2008. In fact, his lawyer actually filed motions in court asking for his client to be referred to as “Jeremy Keenan.”


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source: http://conservativetribune.com/judge-teaches-wounded-vet/

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