Kaine vs. Pence: All even at the start

Washington (CNN)Voters are divided about who will do a better job in Tuesday night’s vice presidential debate, according to a new CNN/ORC poll.

Tim Kaine and Mike Pence start out tied in the expectations game, with 38% saying they expect each man to do a better job in Tuesday’s face-off in Virginia, and about one-quarter of voters unsure which one will prevail.
Both Kaine and Pence have the support of a majority of those who back their running mate — 68% of Trump supporters think Pence will carry the day, 64% of Clinton backers say Kaine will.
Results from the same poll released Monday found that while both Kaine and Pence have positive-leaning favorability ratings, sizable shares of voters still say they don’t know enough to have an opinion of each of them. Overall, their favorability numbers are identical among registered voters: 38% view each favorably, 30% unfavorably and almost 3-in-10 have no opinion of each of them.
Looking ahead to the next time the top-of-the-ticket candidates will meet on stage, in a debate set for Sunday, October 9, more say Clinton will do a better job in that event’s town hall format than think Trump will thrive. Among registered voters, 54% say Clinton is likely to do the better job with that one, 38% that Trump is more likely to succeed.

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source: http://www.cnn.com/2016/10/04/politics/tim-kaine-mike-pence-poll-2016-election/index.html

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  • ltearo13


  • Terry Hampton

    Yes from CNN and the Stupid Rude acting Kaine lost the debate and Pence won!!!

  • Howleyesque

    ROFLMAO!!! A “poll” that ONLY has meaning to anyone still so stupid as to BELIEVE ANYTHING said by a “news network” that has so thoroughly flushed it’s own integrity and credibility down the toilet in it’s never ending defense of the INDEFENSIBLE actions of THE QUEEN OF CORRUPTION!

  • Bigmanuger

    Kaine performed just like the puppet he is. He sold his sole to the beast – the Hildebeast that is. He may have once been a decent guy but when he got into bed with the beast his sole was sucked out of him by the evil Hildebeast . Pence on the other hand performed honorably
    , his integrity is intact where as Kaine lost what ver honor he may have once had. The Bears owns him , it’s easy to see.

    • Progressive Republican

      Pence on the other hand performed honorably , his integrity is intact

      You have an interesting version of ‘honor’ and ‘integrity; one that may fit Conservapedia’, but not Webster.

      For example, when Kaine pointed out that Trump has praised authoritarian leaders like Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un and Saddam Hussein, Pence claimed he never did. Reality notwithstanding.

      Or when Pence lied and claimed that Trump was no fan of Putin.

      Or when Kaine pointed out that Trump called Social Security a Ponzi scheme, Pence denied that he said that as well.

      Or when Pence Pence said “that’s nonsense” after Kaine claimed Trump was proposing a “deportation force” to “go house to house” and send away millions of immigrants who are here illegally. Trump did say that. “You whipped out that Mexican thing again,” Pence whined.

      Or Pence claiming that it’s Clinton and not Trump who is running an “insult-driven campaign”.

      Or when Pence said the Clinton Foundation gave less than 10 percent to “charitable organizations.” That’s misleading. The foundation spends about 87 percent on charitable work.

      Or when Pence denied that he said Putin is a stronger leader than President Obama.

      Or when Pence kept accusing Kaine of insulting Trump when he was in fact quoting him.

      Or when Pence said, “The Trump Foundation is a private family foundation and they give virtually every cent to charitable causes.” Tell that to the New York A.G.