Kim Jong Un uses sex slaves to feed him caviar

North Korean defector Hee Yeon Lim, 26, who is the daughter of a high-ranking soldier from Pyongyang and the regime’s inner circle, has unveiled some of dictator Kim Jong Un’s dirty secrets and what life was like inside the secretive rogue state. These secrets included teen sex slaves, lavish caviar lunches and gory public executions.

When her father, Col. Wui Yeon Lim, 51, passed away, she and her family took the opportunity to flee the country to South Korea in 2015.

Hee Yeon has spoken to The Mirror about the “terrible things” in her home city of Pyongyang, despite her family’s relative privilege compared to others.

She said officials came to her school to pick out teen schoolgirls to work at their dictator’s homes, claiming they would only choose the prettiest girls to feed him caviar and massage him. Hee Yeon mentioned he would dine out on imported delicacies like caviar and Chinese “bird’s nest soup,” the cost of such food being $2,700 a kilo (2.2 pounds). And if the girls refused to entertain the communist leader, they would “disappear.”

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