Kurds Clashed with Radical Islamists – But It Didn’t Happen in the Middle East

Islamic RoadshowPolice were called to Wood Green in North London recently to respond to a disturbance at an Islamic Roadshow stall in the High Road. Arguments had broken out when a group of Kurds passed by on their way to the Kurdish Community Centre as part of Newroz, which is the traditional Iranian new year celebration.

Among the people hosting the Islamic Roadshow stall was Muslim Activist Anjem Choudary, who was heard promoting Sharia law and encouraging Muslims not to vote, while handing out leaflets from the tent.

Meanwhile, pro-ISIS activists were demonstrating outside the stall. When the Kurds approached, a small riot broke out. Several police cars and a riot van arrived and pushed the Kurdish group back down the street away from the Mall, while men and women ran from the tent. The group was ultimately disbursed without any arrests.

Breitbart reports:

[Video was] shot by a group of young boys who appear to be on top of The Mall shopping centre at the time the riots broke out shows dozens of men swinging bats and throwing bricks at each other while police in high visibility jackets try to separate them.

Women are also present in the rioting crowds, at least one of whom was waving one of a number of purple flags, thought to belong to the Kurdish group. Most of the crowd can be heard chanting, although it is unclear what they are saying. Shoppers, including one young mum pushing a buggy, quickly disperse as shop windows are smashed.

Eventually a number of police back up vehicles arrive on the scene to drive the clashing hordes apart. But one of the young lads filming observes “No-one’s scared of the police”. Another notes “At least no Muslims died.”

Another video posted to YouTube shows the Islamic Roadshow before the rioting broke out. Muslim women in full veil hand out A4 sheets of paper with the answers to questions such as “What is Islam?” and “Who is Mohammed?” The stall was demolished by the fighting.

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