La Raza: Trump Immigration Orders Like ‘Slave Trade’

The president of the open borders group known as La Raza is comparing President Donald Trump’s immigration orders to a number of historic atrocities, including the slave trade, in a new Washington Postop-ed.

The piece by National Council of La Raza President Janet Murguía, claims Trump’s plan to deport criminal illegal immigrants; build a wall along the southern border; and crack down on sanctuary cities will “similarly tarnish our nation’s character” like the slave trade did:

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  • pappy450

    I guess these “groups” just can’t get away from playing that “race card”. Seems to be the only thing they have left to screech about. Lies, “name calling” and innuendo.

    • GomeznSA

      “Lies, “name calling” and innuendo.” – always the stock in trade for the left. Why do they keep doing it? Because it works far too well with far too many of the uneducated sheeple.

      • jsl55

        I would have to disagree with the “uneducated” part as that isn’t always the case. My niece has a MA from Cal State and is hopelessly brainwashed. She is the product of an indoctrination and was turned into an educated useful idiot.


    If you as an American don’t believe in President Trumps immigration policies, then I suggest you leave. Illegal immigration is the main reason why he was elected.

    • Marco Beeman


  • PPTA

    Like Slave Trade? Check out Mexico’s immigration laws and what they allow. It is totally worse than the United States even if we enforced our present laws, which we haven’t. La Raza, go back under the ck that you crawled out from under. You and your liars group, are advocating the Over throw of our Nations Laws. IfI go to Mexico and do that what would happen to me? Does anyone remember the Active Duty Marine who took a wrong turn, and then the Beaners locked him up for months,before they sent him home? That was last year. La Raza, you people are simply worse than trash. You do not represent human rights at all. Go to a chicken ranch, and play in the manure pile for a bit. I am sure it will make you smell better than you do now.

  • Howleyesque

    OPEN BORDERS? La Raza is nothing more than one more racist GANG! Who cares what they say?

    • GomeznSA

      Yep – and as is usual with leftists of any stripe, they have picked the wrong ‘villain’. Their real complaint should be against the Spanish Conquistadors, NOT the USA.
      Yeah, I know that they will pitch a hissy fit that we ‘stole’ all that land that we actually bought via the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo but they always ‘forget’ we could have taken their entire country………

    • old guy

      The new Democratic party head is a La Raza supporter and his vice chair ellison is a moslem jerk who wants to split the country in two, one black, one white. Check it out.

  • Tom woods

    Well la raza are nothing more than a bunch of Thugs that could care less about America and what we think. Time to shut the door on theses Thugs!!!

  • Apatriot2

    As well as he should deport criminal Illegals ,build a wall, crack down on Sanctuary cities. Immigration into this country is not a ‘RIGHT’ it is a ‘Privledge’. and to be here ILLEAGLY is nothing shotr of a crime and those who are here Illeagly WELL…. then they are CRIMINALS themselvs. Those from Mexcio who complaing do you happen to know your own immigration laws into Mexcio? And if you are caught as an Illegal guess what happens to you there – any of you know? Legal immigrants into Mexico can not OWN or BUY land. There are more restraints so look them up. The point being the US just like anyother Country HAS LAW to follow if you don’t follow the laws then see you later. We have not been following our own laws lately it time to get back on track. So yes if we have to do the above (deport Illegals,build a wall and halt Sanctuary cities) then so be it!!! Why should an Illegal murder a US citizen and then flee to a Sanctuary and not be charged with anything!) NO MORE!!

  • stonecold621

    if la raza, a pure racist group dont like it, theres the door….just dont let the door hit you in the @$$ on your way out of the country

  • LaRaza is a racist, white hating organization, full of nonsense.

    • GomeznSA

      You are being much too kind in your description of them 😉 (and their real goals)

  • jesse

    What an absolutely absurd comparison! Quite frankly President Trump’s immigration strategy doesn’t go far enough! These spoiled punks are just used to an utter lack of enforcement of existing law and being cow-towed to by leftists over the last 8 years, who sanction waves illegal immigrants for shear political reasons, for their votes! The loathsome left puts politics above the financial well being of the country and above the safety of its citizens!!

  • George

    La Raza is nothing more than a subversive organization that is dedicated to overthrowing our government and eradicating our way of life.
    The only thing I have to say to them is “REMEMBER THE ALAMO”.

    • GomeznSA

      Good point, but for them the Defenders of the Alamo were nothing but a bunch of drunkards and haters trying to ‘steal’ their ‘sacred land’ – look at who one of their founders is (hint: her son just lost his gig as Secretary of HUD).

      • Esther Villarreal

        Castro? One of the twins? Good riddance.

  • Tom woods

    Well la raza are nothing more than a bunch of Thugs that could care less about America and what we think. Time to shut the door on theses Thugs!!!

  • John Wirts

    Oh! SLAVE TRADE sounds like the job of the mules and cartels. Making slaves especially of the girls and women they are bringing north, leaving Rape Trees as testimony to their perversion. But they sure will try to shove the blame away from their perverted selves!

  • Senry Harrison Kiser

    These people are mentally ill.

  • jsl55

    Petition to stop sanctuary cities, prosecute mayors, governors and employers.

    Petition against election fraud.

  • Fortuneless

    Fuck LaRaza…these slob all greasers need to go home and not let the door hit them In the ass on their way out.

  • Warren

    La Raza is the Mexican counterpart of Islamic Hijrah .

  • old guy

    MEXICO for Mexicans. Throw the murderous Spaniards out!

    • Molon Labe

      Remember the Alamo! Time to kick their asses back south of the border like General Sam Houston did!!!!

    • Esther Villarreal

      You mean mexicans, right?

      • old guy

        Yeah, ya know dem Mayas and Incas an’ other Injuns that were there when da Conkisterdorees came in and converted them…to corpses.
        Ambrose Bierce’s Devil’s dictionary defies NATIVES as “Persons found encumbering newly-discovered lands. They soon cease encumber, they fertilize.”

  • old guy

    A great idea for the DEMS in 2020. Run Al Franken for prez and Jill Stein for V.P. Then they will have the FRANKEN-STEIN ticket.

  • Esther Villarreal

    Munguia, take yourself and your raza back to whence you came from. We don’t want you here instigating and messing with Trump. The wall is coming, Senora.

  • old guy

    We must stop DEPORTING them. We should REPATRIATE them.

  • Patriot1

    Screw LaRaza and everyone associated with it. I wonder just how many member/supporters of LaRaza are illegal aliens. I would say probably most and then the rest are primarily DIM-o-wits.