Leading “Conservative” TV and Radio Host Blasts Trump Supporters

1930_pattern_Schutzstaffel_uniform_with_shoulder_boardWow, Glenn Beck really doesn’t like Donald Trump.

But Glenn Beck is smart.

He knows confronting Trump directly isn’t going to end well for him.

So Glenn Beck attacks Trumps’s supporters with an illogical argument:

Beck took to Facebook to protest the behavior of Trump supporters, describing them as “some of the nastiest people I have ever been with.”

“We have their hate and rage on tape,” Beck wrote. “Others around them were embarrassed for them. It was scary and sad.”

“All candidates have someone speak for them at the caucus. In the middle of my speech Trump walked in,” Beck explained, linking to a Politico article about Trump’s surprise appearance at the same location Beck was speaking at.

Beck compared Trump’s supporters to Hitler’s notorious paramilitary group known as the “Brownshirts.”

“I believe Trump, whether he knows it or not, is grooming brown shirts,” Beck stated, adding, “Don’t believe me, go to a caucus.”

Way to go Glenn…

Nothing opens up the dialog like comparing someone to Hitler.

Even when you don’t have the guts to do it directly.

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