Democrats Shocked and Scared – Latest Poll Numbers Reveal a Huge Breakdown

trumpWhat would happen if African-Americans didn’t vote for Democrats?

Imagine if a candidate upset the tradition Black voting trends?

It would shock and scare the daylights out of liberals.

But it’s happening.

Trump is gaining support of the Black voters:

A SurveyUSA poll released Friday shows in a hypothetical matchup with Hillary Clinton, Trump is ahead 45% to 40%.

But digging into the racial breakdown of the respondents is revealing. For example, the poll finds 25% of black respondents say they would vote for Trump over Clinton.

How impressive is that? Let’s look at the last several presidential results for Republicans.

According to the SurveyUSA poll, Trump would more than double the best result for a Republican in modern American history.

Looking at the last 10 presidential election cycles, the highest black vote share for a Republican was 12% for Bob Dole in 1996.

Interestingly, Trump is also outpacing Romney’s support among Hispanics.

If these polls are accurate, the Democrats have a real problem.

They can not win the White House without Black and minority voters.

Trump for the win?

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